Georgia Love celebrates epic Bachelorette milestone

But her new husband had a different approach with his post!
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As The Bachelorette Australia‘s only couple that are still together, Georgia Love and Lee Elliott are reality TV romance goals. And five years on from meeting at the mansion, the two continue to bring a smile to our faces.

WATCH BELOW: The Moment Georgia Love Picks Lee Elliot In The ‘Bachelorette’ Finale

To celebrate their fateful first meeting, Georgia, 32, shared a GIF of herself toasting the group of Bachelors and another of the puntastic moment Lee asked if his ass looks big in this, accompanied by a donkey.

The former Bachelorette also shared a group photo of herself and her suitors from the premiere episode.

“5 years since this night. FIVE YEARS!!!?!?! And I still absolutely cannot believe they picked me,” she wrote in her caption.

“I am asked so often what the @bacheloretteau experience was ‘really like’. And I couldn’t say more sincerely that I absolutely loved it! I had the time of my life, it was hands-down the best experience of my life and I met the love of my life. How bloody lucky am I?! As is @leeroyelliott. There was some stiff competition and I don’t let him forget that.”

“PS. Swipe for the first moment I clocked eyes on my now husband which somehow in gif form looks like I am doing some witchy hand trick that’s making him spin around non-stop and I don’t know why it’s so funny but man, it is.”

“I had the time of my life, it was hands-down the best experience of my life and I met the love of my life.” (Credit: Ten)

Georgia’s husband and Bachelorette winner Lee, 40, shared his own post, but he took a different and cheekier approach.

In a carousel of photos, Lee shared a series of group Bachelorette shots, most of them featuring his now-wife, but she wasn’t the common factor.

“I can’t believe it’s been 5 years today from that fateful night when we first laid eyes on each other and we met. The things we have done and the places we have been together. Here’s to many more adventures together………..@camcranley,” he joked in his caption.

Fireman Cam, as fans may remember him as, was a favourite to win but placed fifth in the end. He, Georgia and Lee remain close friends and he was one of the guests at their March wedding.

“Here’s to many more adventures together………..@camcranley.” (Credit: Instagram)

There was even a nod to the Bachelorette premiere at Georgia and Lee’s big day, held at Tasmania’s Frogmore Creek Winery.

The bride’s dress was by Jason Grech – the same designer who dressed her for her first cocktail party where she met Lee.

“All the clichés are true: it really was the very best day of our whole lives, it really did go SO fast and we really do just want to do the whole thing over and over again,” the reality star penned on Instagram as she shared her wedding video.

Georgia and her Bachelorette final two – Matty J and Lee Elliott. (Credit: Ten)

Lee may have won Georgia’s heart, but the former Bachelorette recently admitted that she didn’t realise how popular runner-up  Matty ‘J’ Johnson would be after the finale.

“The thing I think was the hardest for me and Lee watching it was it felt like it played out less as our love story and more as Matty J’s heartbreak story,” she said on  podcast Jeans and a Nice Top.

“Even though we came out the end so happy it was almost like we were the villains…So because of that there was a huge groundswell of people saying I’d made the wrong decision and Matty had been so good and how could I have been so stupid as to let him go.”

Matty has, of course, since become engaged to his Bachelor winner Laura Byrne and they share two children.

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