Grant & Chezzi Denyer: “The truth about us”

Television’s super couple reveal why they’re telling all in their no-holds-barred podcast
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Their podcast, It’s All True?, aims to tell some “truly extraordinary tales from an ordinary marriage”, but Grant and Cheryl “Chezzi” Denyer’s union is anything but.

WATCH: Grant and Chezzi Denyer discuss Grant’s accident and pain medication in new podcast

The couple, who celebrated their 10-year anniversary in February, have been through more than most – near-death experiences, a drug dependency and the resulting impact on their relationship.

And so on further reflection, the Family Feud host, 43, agrees their union isn’t your everyday marriage.

“I think, in some elements of it, we’re more deeply connected than a normal marriage because she cared for me in my darkest hour,” Grant divulges.

“That forms a pretty powerful bond, I depended on her. She illuminated the path out of that trouble for me. That’s a pretty thick bond – more than for a couple of people who met in a seedy nightclub.”

It’s this bond and the trust they have in each other that’s allowed the couple to share all in their very first podcast together. And right from the get-go, the pair proved that nothing is off limits.

“I accidentally outed her as being previously married in our first episode. No-one ever knew that,” Grant admits, when WHO catches up with the couple.

“He’ll just throw a question at me and I’ll be like, ‘OK, are we actually going to discuss this? OK, we are! Alright let’s do it,’” Chezzi, 40, adds.

Grant & Chezzi Denyer
Grant & Chezzi Denyer spill all on their new podcast (Image: WHO)

The pair’s relationship got off to a rocky start, with both already being in separate relationships when sparks flew.

“It was like someone flicked a switch and I just felt this tingle run through me instantly,” Grant recalls of the moment he knew there was something more between him and his former Sunrise colleague.

“And I remember just clear as day thinking, ‘I can’t live without this woman. I need her in my life.’ And it was as instantaneous as that. From that moment on, it was never going to be anything else.”

They had only been living together for three months when tragedy struck. In 2008, Grant broke his back in a horrifying monster truck accident.

“I expected her to walk out the door pretty quickly when I got home,” Grant jokes. “It was too new!”

But despite Chezzi admitting that time was “nonstop hard”, the couple managed to pull through.

“We were just forced into this really strange, full-on situation,” she explains.

“But I just thought, ‘You know, I love this guy so much and he really needs me now’. So I quit working and nursed him full-time. It really cemented us in a way that is very unique.” 

Grant & Chezzi Denyer
The couple have been through a lot in their decade-long marriage (Image: WHO)

The pair married in 2010 and went on to have daughters Sailor, 9, and Scout, 5. They also announced in August they’re expecting their third child.

“We’re so not ready,” Chezzi admits of the upcoming arrival.

“We’re just about halfway and at the same time we decided that we would do a renovation of our house – we haven’t even looked at baby stuff yet. And I gave all my stuff away, so we’re very behind.”

Grant’s got a solution to that problem though.

“I’ve been out on the Janome overlocker just knocking up baby suits,” he jokes.

The Denyer family
The couple announced they were expecting with this sweet snap (Image: Instagram)

With many stars keeping their personal lives close to their chest, Grant and Chezzi are refreshingly candid. But why?

“The truth is way more interesting than fiction when it comes to us, so we thought let’s just open ourselves up, bare all and lay it all on the table,” Grant says of their podcast.

“Some people just see you as the smiley, games show host, where everything’s perfect and you’re coated in Teflon and nothing sticks – but that’s not real. That’s not how things are and that’s not how life is, so why don’t we just tell it like it is?!”

So why decide to do this now? “Well, Grant’s never been home so much,” Chezzi jokes. “We’ve never seen so much of each other!”

While filming Sunrise, the TV star was away for weeks at a time.

“We haven’t had a lot of adult conversations because in two and a half years, I had 300 nights away for work,” Grant explains.

“So we’d never really sat down and chewed the fat or had adult conversations about uncomfortable things. And so we thought, ‘If we’re going to start doing this now, why don’t we do a podcast?’” 

It's All True? podcast
Grant and Chezzi have been recording their first podcast together (Image: Supplied)

The couple admit their revelations have left some family members shocked though.

“They said, ‘You’re just so honest. Aren’t you embarrassed?’” says Chezzi.

“And I was like, ‘No, that’s just us.”

Grant admits they’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to their stories.

“If you think this is hashtag juicy, then get ready – we’re just warming up.”

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