Hamish and Andy reunite in the midst of COVID lockdown

"I finally chose my ‘singles bubble’ buddy!"
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Comedy duo and Australian faves, Hamish Blake and Andy Lee, have reunited in Sydney amidst the current lockdown.

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Andy, who is currently living in Sydney while shooting his new show, The Hundred with Andy Lee, was able to elect Hamish as his ‘singles bubble’ buddy.

NSW law dictates that people who live alone can choose one person within a five kilometre radius as their designated sole visitor.

The comedian and TV host posted a photo to Instagram of himself and Hamish with beers in hand, captioning it: “After a long and thorough process, with numerous background checks and references read, I finally chose my ‘singles bubble’ buddy! #NoRegrets.

Hamish and Andy are now in a ‘singles bubble’ together. (Credit: Instagram)

Fans in the comments were excited to see the pair together.

“Hamish looks like a little kid at Christmas 😂,” one person wrote.

“This makes me very happy ❤️,” another said.

“A love story for the ages,” wrote someone else.

Andy and his partner Bec added puppy Henri to their family earlier this year. (Credit: Instagram)

However, others took issue with the reunion, given that neither of the comedians are technically single.

“😢 I love you both but neither of you are “single” and I wish I could cross a border to see family in a hard lockdown this is a real kick in the stomach. I guess there’s different rules for “essential” celebs 😢,” one fan lamented.

“I’m ‘single’ as I’m by myself in Sydney interstate and separated from my family and partner. Same rules. Hope you get to see yours soon. Hang in there 👊🏼,” Andy kindly replied.

Andy with his and partner Bec Harding’s adorable pup Henri. (Credit: Instagram)

With his partner Bec Harding in Melbourne (and their dog, Harriet), it might be some time before Andy can be reunited with them, and his family.

Hamish moved to Sydney with his wife, Zoe Foster Blake and their two children, Rudy and Sonny, at the beginning of this year.

The move was to allow Zoe to be more hands-on with her business, Go-To Skincare, which is based in the Sydney suburb of Surry Hills.

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