Why the Heartbreak High cast don’t like Euphoria comparisons

It's the next Aussie teen hit.
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Heartbreak High is back and this time it’s going global. The Aussie ’90s classic is returning on September 14 and bringing the quintessential Aussie high school experience to a global stage.

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Heartbreak High is really authentic to the Aussie school experience and I think it’s going to be really cool for Australians to see that representation spread around the world,” shared Asher Yasbincek, who plays Harper in the new season. 

“It will be cool for people in other countries to see what Australian high school life is about.” Could this be Australia’s response to Euphoria?

Asher is “100 per cent sure” there will be parts of the Australian high school experience that will confuse international audiences. 

“Especially you know some of our slang will confuse people overseas – but I think it’s cool.”

Josh Heuston, who plays Dusty, confirms the new series is different to the other teen shows on offer at the moment but says “it’s good to have a bit of a difference”. 

Heartbreak High
Could this be Australia’s response to Euphoria? (Credit: Netflix/Elise Lockwood)

“Australians watch your jocks and you cheerleaders, even sports like lacrosse,” he muses.”But this [Heartbreak High], I’m pretty sure we’re playing cricket and AFL.”

Although local fans may feel nostalgic seeing Aussie classrooms on screen, there wasn’t exactly a throwback feeling on set. 

So do stars like Thomas Weatherall and Will McDonald share any formative high school experiences with their on-screen counterparts? “Not in the slightest,” laughs Tom. 

“Malaki is like one of the popular kids and he’s this charming, fun, flirty athlete and I’m just the opposite to all those things!”

He continues: “I had good mates and all that but I was the drama club kid, social justice, school leadership team. Just caring about my grades and not partying but…. Yeah, not very much in line with Malaki.”

Heartbreak High
“Malaki is like one of the popular kids.” (Credit: Netflix/Jake Terrey)

Will would say the exact same thing about his own character, Ca$h.

“There are definitely certain similarities I have with him. I think everybody looking back at their teenage years, you can relate to those feelings of feeling alone or no one understands you or feeling really emotional, not knowing where to take all of this energy.

“I definitely relate to Ca$h with certain things for sure, but there’s also a lot that I can’t say that I relate to – there’s a lot to him!”

Asher connected with Harper’s high school experience but noted that “Harper is a part of who I was in high school – but only a more exaggerated part of who I was, I don’t think it directly aligned.”

Fans were quick to draw similarities between Heartbreak High and Euphoria – a comparison the cast didn’t quite agree with.

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Heartbreak High
(Credit: Netflix/Lisa Tomasetti)

“Everyone in the cast watches Euphoria, we really love the show” explains Will. “But I will say, I do think our show is quite different.

Euphoria obviously leans into the heavy themes and the darkness and some really traumatic stuff and we certainly have mature themes and all that kind of thing and some difficult topics we explore.”

He explained that the ’90s reboot has a “lighter more comedic tone” thna the US hit drama and rejected the notion that Heart Break high is just Euphoria with Aussie accents.

“I feel like the only similarity that we have with Euphoria is that we’re also a teenage show and in high school,” he adds.

Thomas agrees the show is very distinctly Australian and while the comparisons are to be expected, “once audiences get to watch the show I feel like those comparisons will start to separate.”

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