Holly Kingston cute confession about Bachelor co-star Carlie Hodges

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The Bachelor’s season nine winner Holly Kingston has celebrated her friendship with co-star Carlie Hodges.

WATCH BELOW: Jimmy Nicholson meets Holly Kingston on The Bachelor

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Holly, who won now-boyfriend Jimmy Nicholson’s heart in the finale, shared a number of photos of the two girls to mark Carlie’s birthday.

“Happy birthday to the girl who I’m pretty much always doing this with,” Holly captioned a photo of the pair smiling and laughing.

She also posted a polaroid of the pair embracing in the Bachelor mansion, where they shared a room during filming.

Besties Holly and Carlie have been tight since their Bachelor days. (Credit: Instagram)

“They say a photo speaks a thousand words, and this one speaks more than that. Moments before this was taken I was bawling my eyes out and ready to leave the show,” Holly reflected.

“This girl gave me strength when I needed it the most, and single-handedly got me through some of the toughest experiences I’ve been through, with her ‘toxic positivity’ and a heart bigger than anyone I’ve ever known.

“Not to mention, if I left, I wouldn’t have met the love of my life, so I basically owe you our first born child?” she joked.

In another image, Holly explained that the two always had to wear different colours during filming because they were always sat next to each other.

“To many years of us sitting by each other’s side,” Holly wrote.

“To many years of us sitting by each other’s side,” (Credit: 10)

Carlie, a Melbourne-based lawyer, came in fourth place on the show, making it all the way to hometown dates.

“To be honest, I really struggled after Hometowns … I was really in my head and I wasn’t really sure at the time what that was… I guess the whole family aspect made it so much more real,” Carlie said after she was sent home.

“When it happened I was okay with it and could understand where he was coming from,” she said of Jimmy’s decision to send her home.

While Holly remains with Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson, Carlie has also found love. (Credit: Instagram)

Meanwhile, there’s no hard feelings between the two, with Carlie remaining a huge supporter of Jimmy and Holly, who have been together ‘officially’ for around a year now.

“I think they’re really similar people,” Carlie told WHO following her elimination when asked why she wanted Holly to win.

“Holly and I were inseparable in the mansion and she’s so funny and so dorky and so thoughtful. I think they’d feed really well off each other if they end up together after this. I can just see their banter working.”

Carlie has also found love herself, having announced a relationship with boyfriend Charlie Bangs in late December 2021.

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