Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston reveal all the spicy secrets from The Bachelor Australia

Is there a relationship contract? Did they have sex on the show? They answer ALL of the questions.
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Holly Kingston won over viewers – and Jimmy Nicholson’s heart – on this year’s season of The Bachelor Australia. But it turns out it wasn’t all roses for the duo during filming, with the couple opening up to fans about all of the “spicy” behind the scenes details.

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Spending time at home in Sydney on Thursday night, Holly and Jimmy both told their followers to ask them any questions – even “spicy ones” – about their Bachie experience. And they delivered with the answers.

One fan asked: “Did you know what the mean girls were like during filming?”

“I certainly knew what they were like during filming!” Holly said.

Jimmy never went into details of naming names, but he certainly shared his thoughts.

“I didn’t. Some of them I figured it out, especially one of them who I asked to leave and I’m quite happy to never see that girl again because she has proven to be not a nice person and that’s not just during the show, that’s after as well just continuous crap,” he said.

holly jimmy the bachelorette
Holly and Jimmy have opened up about BTS of The Bachelor. (Credit: 10)

Holly added: “I think we’ve tried to stay very neutral through this whole thing, and just focus on our love story and what that all means to us, but not only did I come out of the house with a lot of trauma from the stuff I went through and just being bullied and picked on by not just one, but multiple girls ganging up on me….”

“A little group of villains,” Jimmy interjected.

.”…and I think we’ve tried to stay neutral, but the things that we’ve been sent since the show, 30 screenshots of WhatsApp messages of these girls trashing both of us – but not just our personalities but also our looks, it’s horrible,” Holly said.

When a second follower asked why the girls picked on Holly, she replied: “because they didn’t know me.”

“I honestly did not get it,” Jimmy said. “I’ve lived with her for over six months and those girls, they just didn’t know her.”

But the good news is, Holly revealed she’s still tight-knit with her friends from the Bachie Mansion and says she speaks to Carlie Hodges, Tahnee Leeson and Lily Price every day.

holly and jimmy friends with bachelor contestants
Carlie Hodges, Tahnee Leeson and Lily Price are still close with the Bachie couple. (Credit: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Jimmy made a steamy – and kind of hilarous – confession when one fan asked “how intense was the sexual chemistry between the two of you while filming.”

“Okay… alright… on one of our dates when we went to the waterfall, things got a little heated. And when filming stopped I had to ask Holly to stay with me because something had come up,” Jimmy said, with Holly laughing and adding: “I don’t know if you can say this.”

“The paps were over the road and I didn’t particularly want that getting released so I asked Holly to stay with me until I cooled down a bit. My producer Steven can definitely vouch for that,” Jimmy added.

“A whole camera crew of about 50 people can vouch for that,” Holly said.

But when a follow-up question asked if they had sex on the show, she shared the reality of filming a show like The Bachelor.

“Unless we wanted to have an audience of 40 camera crew… which I don’t think Jimmy would have been against after that long [laughs].”

Jimmy made a (funny) steamy confession about his date with Holly. (Credit: 10)

Jimmy also shared that his favourite cocktail party dress Holly wore throughout the season was a plunging white gown with gold details.

“It was this Grecian number and it was… oh it did it for me,” he said.

Of course, the age-old question “is there a relationship contract?” was asked – with Jimmy and Holly confirming there’s no such thing.

“I think this gets asked every year, no contract!” Jimmy said.

“OR am I still in contract?” Holly asked.

holly kingston
Jimmy’s favourite dress from The Bachelor. (Credit: 10)

Ugh, these two. Obsessed.

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