Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston set off on 100 Honeymoons

The Bachie fan-favourites catch up with WHO about love, marriage and baby plans.
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Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston are on the fast track. It was kind of obvious from the outset that the 27-year-old Sydney beauty would win the heart of the handsome pilot, 31, on the 2021 season of The Bachelor Australia – and now they’re well and truly in cruise mode, with a wedding location locked in, the honeymoon sorted and baby plans in motion. 

WATCH: Jimmy and Holly in The Bachelor finale

Here, WHO sits down with the loved-up Bachelor duo, who are living their best lives in North Bondi.

How’s living together?

NICHOLSON: It’s been really good. We haven’t really had many fights. And when we do, we just smile at each other after 10 minutes and have a laugh.

It happened quite quickly!

KINGSTON: I’ve had quite a few friends and family say, “Do you want to move in together straight away on the back end of a reality show?” When we decided we would, we hadn’t even gone on a coffee date or gone to a restaurant yet, because we’d been living in secret. So we’ve kind of done everything in reverse! But we’re still very much in the honeymoon phase. It still feels like a nice sleepover each night, but ask me again next week and see what I say [laughs].

holly kingston and jimmy nicholson
“We’ve kind of done everything in reverse,” Holly says of her relationship with Jimmy. (Credit: Supplied by the.mgmt)

You’ve been out of hiding and lockdown for a few months now, what are your favourite things to do together?

KINGSTON: We’re finding comfort in the little things. We walk to the gym together and do F45 each morning, then we come back and make a smoothie. We try and make a bit of a habit out of that – going to the gym and then going for a swim down at Bondi. Then we come home and start our work.

You’ve been working on a brand new web travel series, 100 Honeymoons. Tell us about that …

NICHOLSON: I’m still flying but I’m part-time now, so the question was: what can we do outside of that for a bit of fun? So we launched 100 Honeymoons, where we test drive honeymoons.

holly and jimmy
Holly and Jimmy have been filming their new series 100 Honeymoons. (Credit: Instagram)

What location would actually be your dream honeymoon?

KINGSTON: We both say Italy. Not that we’re married yet. Hurry up, Jimmy [laughs]. We’ve had chats about wanting to do a destination wedding in Italy, and have a small wedding. Jimmy and I have an unhealthy obsession with pasta! So yes, we want to do Italy and then travel around the Greek Islands, too.

You really are doing everything in reverse – the honeymoon before the wedding!

KINGSTON: Yes, it’s a bit bizarre.

NICHOLSON: We’ll be experts come our real honeymoon.

holly and jimmy
The travel-obsessed duo are taking their expertise to their new series. (Credit: Instagram)

Is an engagement on the cards for 2022?

NICHOLSON: It’s definitely on the cards. We do want to take things at a regular pace, but also I’ve got no reservations about Holly and I being together – I figured that out pretty quickly. And I’m 32 now, and we’ve both previously been in long-term relationships. All my mates are getting married and having kids, and Holly’s getting really clucky [laughs].

Would you have kids before the wedding?

NICHOLSON: Ideally, we’d do a wedding before a baby, but you know what? If it happens in reverse, we’d be happy with that.

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