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After a busy first few weeks of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! Australia, we’ve finally seen the eliminations begin.

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The 2022 season kicked off strong, with celebrities like Poh Ling Yeow, Beau Ryan, Nathan Buckley, and Emily Seebohm entering the jungle to not only entertain us with their antics, but win us over with their honesty and connections. 

We’ve learned about the reasons behind their chosen charities, become obsessed with the Maria Thattil/Joey Essex love story, and realised Dylan Lewis is the dad we all want. And after all that, it is sad to start seeing the celebrities go.

However, we do need to get to a winner! Find out who left below.

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Davina Rankin

After failing in a scarf measurement challenge, and again failing to guess the number of rats in a box, Davina Rankin was the first celebrity literally ejected from the I’m A Celeb jungle last night.

“I was having an amazing time and I’ll miss the people, but a warm shower is going to go down well,” she told the cameras afterwards.

“The people in here and the experience has been nothing short of amazing and I’m so glad I did it,” she said.

She went on to say she’d like to see Nathan Buckley or Dylan Lewis win the show.

“That experience was everything I could have asked for and more. I conquered a huge fear of mine, made incredible bonds and took myself completely out of my comfort zone away from my safety net of family and the comfort of my home,” Davina later wrote on Instagram.

“Being a new mum it’s so easy to forget just how much fire you still have left. And I just love that I got to sit on our couch with my little girl and have her watch and cheer for me in awe,” she added.

“The jungle was a gentle reminder that yes, I can indeed do hard things, I can push my limits and I am a lot stronger than I give myself credit for ✊🏽.”

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Beau Ryan

Talented all-rounder Beau Ryan opted out of the jungle last night, uttering the words that would have him taken home.

Standing before his campmates, Beau admitted he missed his family and was struggling to find a reason to stay.

“As you know the last couple of days I’ve been struggling, and today I was a bit broken. It’s been really hard for me,” her confirmed.

“The reason I did this show is to test myself, which I have. I’ve shown Australia the good, bad and ugly of me.

“I remember growing up and a guy two houses down from me – the dad was always away for work. I don’t want to be that dad,” he admitted. “My kids need their dad. My wife needs a husband, and I need to find myself back.

“I came in here to prove myself. I can’t gain anything else from this show. My journey here is over, and I love you guys.”

His utterance of the famous words “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here”, saw him taken from the jungle.

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Maria Thattil

Miss Universe Australia Maria Thattil was sent flying from her seat last night when she failed in a guessing game, leaving fellow campmates Nathan Buckley and Tottie Goldsmith to play another day.

Maria took to Instagram to reflect on her time in the jungle.

“As a new ‘celebrity’, I hadn’t even been ‘Miss Australia’ for a year when the show came up. I knew it would be a hard, terrifying, and extremely vulnerable way to be introduced to the nation properly – but that felt like the best way to just let Australia see who I am and what I champion,” she penned.

“Seeing the sombre energy in camp after going home … was a beautiful reminder of how real it was for us all in there. This  was a hilarious end to one of the best experiences in my life.”

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Derek Kickett

After failing to correctly guess the amount of eyeballs in a jar, Derek Kickett was ejected from the jungle with the press of a button.

“Well my time in the jungle is over. 😭😂What a great experience camping out and doing challenges along the way with a group of wonderful people with all different amazing personalities,” Derek wrote on Instagram last night.

“Me being an introvert shy country kid who was always racially abused and bullied growing up to do something that is so out of my comfort zone was a great experience, but mainly showcasing anything is possible,” he added.

His new friends from the show quickly commented their love and support, with Tottie Goldsmith calling him “a gift to [the] jungle family”.

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Tottie Goldsmith

Coming up against Cal and Poh, Tottie’s end came just as Derek’s did, with a failure to guess how many gross-looking eyeballs were sitting in a jar. Although their guesses were only 14 numbers apart, Poh got in a little bit closer, meaning it was Tottie who was ejected when Julia hit the button.

“This was a brilliant experience, and the creation of what I’m sure will be lifelong friendships,” Tottie wrote on Instagram this morning.

“Thank you for having me @imacelebrityau, and I’ll see you soon #imacelebrityau family.”

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Cal Wilson

Cal Wilson unfortunately came to the end of her I’m A Celeb journey last night, facing the ejection chair.

The beloved comedian sat down for a chat with Dr. Chris Brown and Julia Morris after, telling them about her chosen charity, Bowel Cancer Australia, which she chose in honour of her mum and a close friend, who are both struggling through the disease.

A tearful Cal encouraged people to get tested and remain aware of the risks associated with the cancer.

Cal posted a recap of her time on the show to Instagram after her elimination, writing “I loved it all (ok, except for the tucker trials) especially my campmates. Love all you lot,” she wrote, going on to tag her new besties.

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Poh Ling Yeow

Last night, celebrity chef Poh Ling Yeow became the very last contestant to be eliminated from the so-called Aussie jungle, leaving six final celebs to fight it out for the win.

Up against Emily and Nathan, Poh faced the ejection chair and went for the fateful final swim, but she still seems pretty thrilled with her experience.

“I have such heartfelt gratitude for succumbing to this wild & whacky adventure,” Poh wrote on Instagram, going on to admit it was her 8th year of being asked to do the show.

“Everyone who says yes to this nutty shebang, will tell you the same thing over and over – that the best thing about it are the deep friendships made. And it’s no surprise because after all the gagging and testicle munching is said and done the premise of the show is very much about forming a madcap family – all our personalities are plonked together without us being able to choose and we have to navigate this, plus put our personal fears aside to make sure the fam is fed!” she shared.

“A mammoth thanks for your kind, encouraging words, to all my amazing camp mates … for the rad memories.”

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