I’m a celebrity get me out of here 2019: who are Angie and Yvie?

Everything you need to know!

Former Gogglebox stars Angie and Yvie are no strangers to reality TV. Here’s everything you need to know about the bubbly duo. 

The duo first met five years ago at a Christmas promotion when Yvie was playing Ms Claus and Angie played an elf.

Despite the 17-year age gap, the pair instantly hit it off and became firm friends.

Angie, 28, is a nanny/PA/events worker while Yvie, 45, is a carer and they live together in Sydney’s Inner West.  

Their housemate is Tom who suffers from down syndrome and both Yvie and Angie support him the best way they can.

(Credit: Angie and Evie/Instagram)

Angie and Evie also love dogs and foster quite a few between them. On their blog Angie and Yvie they describe themselves as ‘Animal rights activist, disability advocates, food fanatics and couch potatoes.’

After having judged many shows on Googlebox, the pair admitted they fear the same happening to them on I’m A Celebrity…

‘I think karma is coming to bite me in the bum!’ Yvie told Newscorp. ‘I have laughed at these people for so long and judged them and gone, ‘oh that’s easy’ and now it’s all coming around on me.’

Channel 10
(Credit: Channel 10)

‘I’m going to be the one that’s laughed at and judged, and people will be yelling at me ‘you can do it, it’s easy,’ because everything is easy from the comfort of your couch,’ She continued.

‘Other people, I mean, they’ve loved seeing snippets of Yvie and I, but they haven’t seen us outside our comfort zone. They haven’t seen us angry, they haven’t seen us be overly sad so we could get a rude shock and come out and not as many people loved us as they did on Gogglebox,’ added Angie.

Last month Googlebox announced that the pair would no longer be part of the show after three years.

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