All the clues for I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! 2022

Who will be heading into the challenging reality TV show next year?
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It’s the show that has Australia’s biggest stars eating bugs and facing gravity-defying challenges, and next year I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! promises to be bigger and better than ever before. 

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In 2022, our cheeky hosts Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown will be back on our screens as I’m A Celeb returns. Cue the awful puns that somehow still make us giggle.

While the show has traditionally played out in the wild and breathtaking landscape of the South African jungle, they recently made the move to Australia’s beautiful outback in Murwillumbah, in Northern NSW, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. 

Premiering on January 3, 2022, the new season will kick off the year’s reality TV offerings with plenty of lighthearted drama, thanks to creepy crawlies, and lots of wholesome moments shared between the campmates. 

But which brave celebrities will be facing the rugged landscape and following in the footsteps of 2021 winner Abbie Chatfield? Let’s take a look at all of the clues so far.

abbie chatfield wins im a celeb
Who will follow in Abbie Chatfield’s footsteps? (Credit: 10)


One of our first clues teases that an Olympic legend is diving into the Aussie Jungle. 

“She’s a triple gold medalist,” Dr Chris Brown says in the teaser. “She’ll be up to her neck in it,” a creepy voiceover of a terrifying spider adds. 

While some fans have left comments on the I’m A Celeb Instagram page saying it must be a diver, it’s most likely a swimmer. The Australian Diving Team have won several Olympic medals but no individual diver has won three gold just yet.

So, who is behind the podium? Funnily enough, the list of suspects is actually quite long considering how high the achievement is. What can we say, Aussies know how to win Gold. 

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There are multiple female swimmers who’ve won three gold medals at a single Olympics, including Kaylee McKeown, Stephanie Rice, Jodie Henry, Petria Thomas and Shane Gould. Meanwhile, Leisel Jones also has three gold, just not from the one Olympics. Dawn Fraser, Cate Campbell and Libby Trickett all have 4, and Emma McKeon has 5, meaning they’re probably out of the running for this one. 

Our bets are on Shane Gould – who previously won another reality TV series on 10, Australian Survivor –  or Kaylee McKeown, who is one of Australia’s most recent Gold winners having taken home her medals this year at the Tokyo Olympics. 

kaylee mceown wins at tokyo 2021
Could Kaylee McKeown be joining I’m A Celeb? (Credit: Getty Images)


A country singer (who has been awarded prestigious Golden Guitars) is heading into the jungle. 

For those who don’t know, the CMAA Golden Guitar Awards celebrate Australian Country Music. Stars who’ve picked up one (or 12) include Adam Brand, Keith Urban, Adam Harvey and Kasey Chambers. Honestly there are a lot of options… like, too many. We’re going to need more context clues here.

But, for now, we’re thinking it’s Adam Brand, considering he worked with 10 on The Masked Singer Australia in 2019. 

WATCH: A country singer is joining I’m A Celeb. Story continues after video.

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In one of the first-look teasers of the new season, a series of cars went through a COVID testing clinic. The license plates on one of the cars read ‘AFL Player’ – but who could it be? Literally anyone in Australia?

Earlier this year, when filming took place, sources reportedly told The Daily Mail Australia that Nathan Buckley would be the one donning the iconic I’m A Celeb Akubra.

Former AFL player and coach, he resigned from Collingwood Magpies in June of this year. While filming for I’m A Celeb took place a few months later in September. In 2022 he’ll be taking on a presenting role with Fox Footy, so it makes sense that he would begin his transition to TV now.

im a celeb 2022 afl player
Nathan Buckley was reportedly seen at the filming location. (Credit: Getty Images)


“Chris and Julia will have this Celebrity Chef screaming shiitake mushrooms before they know it!” 10 teased on Instagram.

The clip also revealed that the chef is a woman and said: “Just wait until she sees our mystery box.”

Could it be MasterChef Australia host Melissa Leong? Or maybe one of the many, many ex-MasterChef contestants? We certainly hope so! 

celebrity chef clue
Is Melissa Leong the fancy chef joining the series? (Credit: 10)


Just what we need to throw a little chaos into the mix – a reality star with a big ego! Dr Chris says the international contestant will be “getting a dose of reality” when he heads into the Aussie jungle.

“This hunky wild boy insists he’s ready to settle down under, is he?” the network teased.

Some fans have speculated that The Bachelor Australia and Bachelor In Paradise star Ciarran Stott could be the man of mystery, since he’s technically from the UK. Meanwhile, other fans have considered that a Geordie Shore cast member will be making the trek down under. We’ll have to wait and see! 

im a celeb 2022
Who could it be? (Credit: 10)


A sports star, slash singer, slash comedian, slash tv host is heading into the Aussie jungle. And fans were pretty quick to speculate who it would be: Beau Ryan. 

He’s a 10 favourite and was spotted near the set location around the time of filming, so chances are fans will be proven right on this one! 

Could this be Beau Ryan? We think so! (Credit: 10)


At least there will be one funny person in the jungle, with a comedian signing on to I’m A Celeb for 2022. 

“A famous comedian is going into the so called jungle! She’ll be the ultimate “Fush” out of water… no chups,” the network revealed.

With the fush and chups reference to New Zealand, we’re thinking Melanie Bracewell. The Kiwi comedian moved to Australia to host her own show with Tim McDonald on 10, called The Cheap Seats, and is a regular on another network program Have You Been Paying Attention. Yes, we have been paying attention, and we think we’ve cracked the case on this one!

Unless… of course… Urzila Carlson has signed up for the gig. The New Zealand-based comedian also works with 10 on The Masked Singer Australia and HYBPA. 

famous comedian
We’re betting on Melanie Bracewell to be the famous comedian. (Credit: 10)


One of the first teaser trailers for the new season showed a series of cars driving through a COVID testing clinic, with one license plate that read: “Beauty Queen.” 

Now, a new teaser featuring a brunette beauty queen in a floor-length gown has given us a handy clue as to who she might be.

“She has represented Australia on the world stage but can she bring home the Jungle Crown?” the network teased on Instagram.

If we had to take our bets? We’d be picking a former Miss Universe Australia, like Francesca Hung or Maria Thattil.

im a celeb
Who will be the reigning Beauty Queen entering the jungle? (Credit: 10)

The good news is that some of the contestants have already been revealed ahead of tonight’s premiere – check out the truth behind the clues here.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Australia premieres Jan 3, 2022, on 10.

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