Is KAK about to get the sack from Studio 10?

It comes after more controversial comments from Kerri-Anne Kennerley.
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It’s been rumoured that that Kerri-Anne Kennerley is set to be shown the door after her latest comments about running over climate change protesters.

A source told WHO: “KAK won’t be back on Studio Ten after today’s incident. Sarah Harris has all the power and made the final call.”

WATCH: Kerri-Anne Kennerley’s controversial comments about protesters on Studio 10

It comes after KAK suggested motorists should “use [Extinction Rebellion protesters] as a speed bump” after they disrupted traffic and services across the country.

Is KAK about to get the sack from Studio 10?
Is KAK about to get the sack from Studio 10? (Credit: Ten)

“Personally, I would leave them all super glued to wherever they do it,” she said.

“The guy hanging from the Story Bridge. Why send emergency services? Leave him there until he gets himself out. No emergency services should help them, nobody should do anything, and you just put little witches hats around them, or use them as a speed bump.”

Possible seeing the err in her ways, in particular after the Yumi Stynes controversy in January, she followed it up with: “Oh, we’re going to get into trouble! Is that wrong?”

“Put them in jail, forget to feed them. Some of the aged care homes around Australia, that would really sort them out,” she also said.

” Sarah Harris has all the power and made the final call,” a source said. (Credit: Ten)

Appearing on Ben Fordham’s 2GB show, KAK stood by her comments.

“I don’t want to incite violence but I am not sorry I said it … I won’t apologise for how I feel,” she said.

She claimed that Ten did not ask her to make an apology, but they did contact her to read her the statement that they issued to media shortly after the show.

“You do get savaged but I am one of the lucky ones because I don’t read Twitter, Facebook [I don’t have] social media,” she said.

It’s just as well, as the response to KAK on Twitter was cutthroat.


In January, KAK was labelled a racist by Studio 10 panellist Yumi Stynes for her comments regarding Australia Day. 

The vetern TV host started the segment by calling out the protesters, saying: “OK, the 5,000 people who went through the streets making their points known, saying how inappropriate the day is… has any single one of those people been out to the Outback, where children, babies, five-year-olds, are being raped?”

Yumi called out KAK’s comment, saying: “That is not even faintly true, Kerri-Anne.

“You’re sounding quite racist right now.”

Kerri-Anne Kennerley has been asked for comment.

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