MAFS star Jack Millar announces new “free for all” podcast

"I feel like having a podcast allows me to really show my authentic self."
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He was known for being the ‘peacemaker’ on Married At First Sight, now Jack Millar is ready to dish all on his new podcast titled In The Sack.

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Jack’s exciting new career move with his best friend Sean Mullan will explore his experience on MAFS, his ‘marriage’ to Domenica Calarco and his new relationship with Love Island star Courtney Stubbs.

He took to Instagram to share the podcast after “years” in the making.

“This one is a dream come true!” he wrote.

“A podcast with one of my best mates has finally launched! I’ve been teasing this one for a while but I’m ecstatic to finally get to show you all!”

“Tune on in, and I promise you won’t regret jumping In The Sack,” he concluded.

After his play on words to introduce the podcast’s peculiar name, Jack explained the inspiration behind In the Sack.

“Sean + Jack = SACK.”

jack Millar
Jack described the new podcast as “a dream come true!” (Credit: Instagram)

Numerous fans took to the comment section to congratulate the 27-year-old television star on his new project after MAFS.

“Congratulations! This is just great!” one wrote.

Another commented: “congrats on the new endeavour, I’m sure it will be a great success.”

Jack Millar
“I feel like having a podcast allows me to really show my authentic self.” (Credit: Instagram)

In a statement, Jack revealed the podcast was an opportunity to show his more “authentic self” which can be difficult to do on social media.

“It’s been months in the making but I am so excited to finally get this podcast into everyone’s ears!” he said in a statement.

“This podcast is a culmination of Sean, one of my closest friends, and myself sitting and having elaborate discussions about anything for hours on end over a beer. So we thought why not get the world involved!”

“I feel like having a podcast allows me to really show my authentic self and how I interact with my nearest and dearest,” he continued. “You can only show so much on social media, but with a podcast, I’m slowly learning it’s a free for all.”

His new career pursuit has followed other MAFS stars including former pairing Domenica Calarco, Ella Ding and Al Perkins.

Jack and Sean’s podcast premiere features a triple-episode special, and will be released every Wednesday.

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