The diet behind Jessica Rowe’s cheese grater abs

50 and never fitter!
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Jessica Rowe is a highly acclaimed journalist, TV presenter, podcast host and the author of three bestselling books. But perhaps her greatest achievement to-date is her rock-solid rig.

WATCH: Jessica Rowe’s incredible body transformation for The Real Dirty Dancing

On Thursday, the mum-of-two stripped off in a segment for Studio 10 called Burpees4Boobs – an initiative for Breast Cancer Awareness month. The campaign encourages Aussies to commit to doing a number of burpees throughout October, with their family, friends and colleagues supporting them via fundraising.

Kicking off the live-cross, the show’s co-host Sarah Harris complimented Jess on her “great” body and asked her to demonstrate the cardio-based move.

“All right, so you’re saying you want me to take my top off? Okay,” she responded, removing her sweater and revealing her muscular stomach peeking over her leggings.

“Look at those abs! Gosh, look at her!” Sarah commented, as Jessica easily smashed out a set.

This isn’t the first time the former newsreader has bared all on telly. Jessica previously wowed fans with her incredible physique when appeared on Channel Seven’s The Real Dirty Dancing back in 2019.

Wearing only a tiny white crop top and high-waisted black underwear, fans flooded social media with comments on how fit she looked.

“Jessica Rowe’s abs are freaking insane! Wow!” one tweet read.

“You could grate network executives on Jessica Rowe’s abs,” said another.

Jessica previously told Now To Love that her gruelling training regime for the show was responsible for her toned tummy.

“I was doing dancing each day and also holding [my] body in a way that you don’t do each day. I think that also makes a difference,” she said.

“Also it’s about confidence. I think if you do anything with confidence, that also makes a difference too, if you own it.”

The self-described “crap housewife” also touched on her diet, admitting she never restricts herself. She frequently documents her simple, family-friendly meals on Instagram – whether they be burnt sausages, burgers or chocolate bars in bed.

“I am skinny. Always have been, always will be. And no, I don’t have an eating disorder,” Jess wrote in a column for Essential Kids in 2013, shutting down the comments she often receives about her slim figure.

“I like my body. Sure, there are things I’d love to change. Don’t we all want to suck this in, tighten this up, stick this out? I’d love to have boobs, no stretch marks, no cellulite and no varicose veins. But my padded bra, chicken fillets (the type you stuff in your bra, not in the oven) and a spray-on tan can work magic. What I can’t change is my body type.”

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