Jessika Power’s heartfelt plea following break up

After four months of dating, MAFS' Jessika Power has announced her break up from boyfriend James Brown.
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Jessika Power and her boyfriend James Brown have broken up after four months of dating.

News of the split first arose when fans noticed the couple had unfollowed each other on social media and the former MAFS bride, 28, confirmed the news shortly afterwards.

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“We were having some problems and they got worse when I left the Gold Coast to go visit my family in Perth,” the blonde bombshell told Daily Mail Australia.

“Unfortunately, we were unable to sort through them and he’s decided to move on,” she added.

Jessika, who is now spending time with her family and friends before commencing her studies in July, added that she and James, 35, were “in a bubble” during lockdown and that once restrictions eased, the couple realised that they were better off breaking up.

Jessika and James
“He’s decided to move on.” (Credit: Instagram)

The former MAFS bride shared an update via her Instagram Stories and revealed that the split has left her “destroyed and broken”.

“It’s common knowledge that I’ve been through a break up but the last few days have left me destroyed and broken and I’m struggling to help pull myself out of depression to help myself mend and feel better,” she wrote.

“I think I need some self care to try and relax, keep my mind busy and to feel a little bit more like myself again so Perth ladies let me know the best places to have a facial done, massage, I need my hair freshened up and any other break up advice that might help me smooth some of the heartache I’m feeling, let me know,” she asked.

Jessika also asked her followers for recommendations for a health retreat on the Gold Coast adding: “I need somewhere that I can relax and build my mental health and confidence back before I try to process what’s happened.”

Break up
“The last few days have left me destroyed and broken.” (Credit: Instagram)
Break up
The MAFS bride asked her followers for health retreat recommendations. (Credit: Instagram)
Jessika’s friend sent flowers that had the note “We don’t need stupid dumb boys!” in the attached message. (Credit: Instagram)

In a previous chat with WHO, Jessika explained that she and family friend James had known each other for 15 years but hit it off at a family event. 

“I hadn’t spoken to him much at all that day but he noticed me and started cracking jokes and I just couldn’t stop laughing,” she said.

“One way to my heart is to make me laugh, so he got my attention that day and then asked me on a date the next day. We’re literally inseparable.” 

Jessika Power
Jessika and James dated for four months. (Credit: Nine)

Back when they were still dating, Jessika told Daily Mail Australia that she liked the fact that dad-of-one James wasn’t in the public eye like her exes Dan Webb and Nick Furphy.

“He is not someone who just wants to be with you for media. He doesn’t care what shows I’ve been in, he likes me for me,” she told the news outlet.

“Obviously media is going to be a part of my normal life for a while but I can’t have this forever, that would be a sad life. One day, I just want to take it easy and settle down with someone.” 

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