Jules breaks silence on bridesmaid drama

In a cryptic Instagram post.
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It’s been a trying week for Jules Robinson as she navigates her way through a public feud with her former Married At First Sight co-star, Melissa Lucarelli.

WATCH: Jessika Power slams Jules in a brutal Instagram rant 

While her ex-best friend has been vocal about their nasty tiff, even leaking a series of rogue text messages exposing the makeup artist’s true intentions, she’s has stayed silent… until now. 

In a subtle yet telling Instagram post, the bride to be hit back, sharing a screenshot of a heartfelt quote which was paired with a cryptic message directed at Melissa. 

“Every action has a reaction. Let’s be mindful in all our choices we make,” she captioned the photo adding the hashtags, “#people, #emotions, #react, #think, #goodvibetribe”.” 

Definitely a dig at Melissa. (Credit: Instagram)

Earlier this week, Jules made headlines for all the wrong reasons when Mel proved she’d ditched her as a bridesmaid ahead of her real-life wedding with Cameron Merchant. 

“She was posting about how amazing it was and how much she loved me, but it was clearly all an act. I feel completely blindsided by this, as our relationship and everything was real to me,” Melissa told NW Magazine, maintaining Jules used her for fame. 
Better times… (Credit: Getty)

As the whole situation becomes more convoluted, last season’s most hated contestant, Jessika Power, recently weighed in on the drama, siding with Mel in an unexpected yet blistering Instagram tirade. Responding to an article about the juicy scandal, Jessika wrote: “I actually have to back Mel on this. Throughout filming, Jules would say Martha [Kalifatidis] and I were only there for social media and endorsements, but since the show ended it seems that’s all Jules is for also.

“It’s really sad to see that Jules dropped Mel as a bridesmaid but not surprising, it seems everything that woman does these days is calculated and beneficial for her and her only.

Then, in an Instagram Q&A last night, Jess took another swipe at her archenemy, slamming her for allegedly being an expert at “milking” the drama and turning bad press into a profit. 

Jules and Mel used to be best friends. (Credit: Getty)

“I think Mel is such a bubbly girl. She’s not about the drama. She’s so open, honest and genuine,” Jessika began. “So to see her dropped as a bridesmaid… I wasn’t that shocked. I stand by what I said and a lot of what Jules does is calculative. I think she has learnt how to milk what is happening.” 

She went on to sarcastically praise, saying: “I mean, good on you and all power to you if you can get things out of this opportunity. But to see somebody like Mel hurt and be shout out and neglected… it’s just sh*t.” 

They’ve never been fond of each other. (Credit: Nine Network)

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