Meet the Australian musician the world is raving about

We get to know singer-songwriter Julia Jacklin

Twenty-eight-year-old Australian singer-songwriter Julia Jacklin has been winning rave reviews around the world and has just released her second album, Crushing. Here, she reveals the song …

… she first remembers hearing as a child

I have early memories of a Grammys CD my dad had – the winners from 1997 or something? I remember sitting right next to the CD player and listening to Céline Dion’s “Because You Loved Me” and writing the lyrics down in my diary.

… she had on repeat in her bedroom as a teenager

“In the End” by Linkin Park. I thought that was very cool and hardcore, and my mum hated it so that was a bonus.

… that is her go-to at karaoke

I’m a real buzzkill at karaoke. I like doing long, sad ballads like Skeeter Davis’ “The End of the World”.

… that sounds as good today as the first time she heard it

Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne” – my favourite song of all time. I limit myself to three listens a year to keep the magic.

… she puts on to relax

“Opposite House” by Cass McCombs. Something about the opening guitar line makes me feel 10 times lighter. 

… that was the most difficult to write

Most recently, “Head Alone” – just getting the structure right and getting across what I was trying to say correctly. A real labour of love.

… of her own that her parents like the best

I’m not sure how much they listen, to be honest! I wrote a joke song years ago called “My Mother Is A Pyromaniac” and my parents love that. They always play it for guests. It’s a terrible recording and not a very good song. I’m always like, “Ah, I have two professionally done albums, can you play something from those, maybe?”

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