EXCLUSIVE: Kerri-Anne Kennerley bets on Amanda Keller to win the 2019 TV Week Gold Logie Awards

"Everyone else is great but they haven't done what she has."
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Kerri-Anne Kennerley is Australia’s golden girl. Not only does the 65-year-old have three Logie nominations under her belt, but in 2017, the beloved television host was the third woman in history to be inducted into the TV Week Logie Hall of Fame. The seasoned professional knows what it takes to win, and this year, she’s hedging her bets on Amanda Keller to take out the title. 

In an exclusive interview with WHO, the Studio 10 host chats about TV’s night of nights, her beloved husband John Kennerley— who tragically passed away in February of this year— and her craziest stories from inside the after party and how she’s feeling 

WHO: How do you feel about returning home to the Gold Coast for the Logies this year? 

Kerri-Anne: I love it. I mean, I was up there last year and terribly privileged to get invited every year now, so that was really nice. They did it really well last year and this year I assume will be even better. And let’s face it, a change and getting it out of Melbourne into the fabulous Queensland is a great idea. I was planning on spending some time there after the show, but my Studio 10 schedule is far too hectic. 

WHO: What will be inside your suitcase for the Gold Coast? 

Kerri-Anne: This year I am going a lot simpler. I have done a lot of Alex Perry in the past, but this time I just had so much on that I couldn’t be going through all of the fittings. It takes a long time to choose all of the fabrics and have the dress fitted that it was all too much. I have picked a dress that I love and will definitely wear in the future. But to give you a hint, it’s off the shoulder are there are a lot of sapphires around my neck and my wrist! I also have a beautiful Chanel handbag that my husband bought me last Christmas that’ll fit well with it.  

WHO: Who do you think will win the Gold Logie this year? 

Kerri-Anne: Well I hope its Amanda Keller. If you look at all the nominees, she has done everything. This woman has filmed many different shows, she has done brilliantly in radio, she’s on Friday night prime time television— she’s really put in the hard yards. I just think she’s a great personality and everybody else is great, but they haven’t done what she’s done. It should be her.  

WHO: What’s your fondest memory from the big night? 

Kerri-Anne: There are some wonderful memories! I have to say I do remember when I was working for Channel Nine, they used to take over the bar and I remember seeing see Eddie McGuire— who was then the CEO— behind the bar serving everybody, trying to drink more, trying to look like Tom Cruise, that was hilarious! 

WHO: Will you be going to this year’s afterparty? Are they wild? 

Kerri-Anne: They do get a bit wild but last year was the first time in a while I hadn’t had to work, so it does make it easier. But when you know you have to get up at five o’clock the next morning, you have a few drinks early, have some fun and then lay off. Some of the young stars get wild but they haven’t matured into it yet. It is a lot of fun, though. 

WHO: It’s the first Logie Awards without your husband John, how are you coping? 

Kerri-Anne: It is different and it will be different. Every year John was my date to the Logies. Last year was the first year without him because he stayed at home and watched it. I think he recorded it and flicked through. But he was there when I won my Logie. That was a very special trip. We had a special plane to take him and it was a lot of planning to get him down there because it was hard with his condition, but having him there was absolutely fabulous. 

The 61st Annual TV Week Logie Awards air on Sunday at 7.30pm on Nine and 9Now.

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