How Koby Abberton left Australia and embarked on an island romance

"You deserve the world and everything in it."
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Koby Abberton has emerged as contender on this season of SAS Australia, proving himself as a strong physical recruit with a knack for hand-to-hand combat.

Although the surfer was surrounded by scandal when he was accused of cheating in last week’s fitness challenge, he has remained a main player on the show.

WATCH BELOW: Koby Abberton exposed on SAS Australia for cheating

However, Koby’s life outside of SAS Australia looks quite different to the gruelling conditions he lives under during the show.

Koby is actually a resident of Bali, where he lives with his fiancée, Olya Nechiporenko, and their young son, Makua.

Koby and Olya have been together for eight years now, and although they’re not yet married, they seem to share a beautiful relationship.

Koby Abberton with his family. (Credit: Instagram)

Koby rose to fame around 2007 with the release of Bra Boys: Blood is Thicker Than Water, a documentary about himself, his brothers and the Maroubra-based gang, ‘the Bra Boys’.

The documentary, which was narrated by Russell Crowe, was successful in Australia and also premiered in the US.

Around the time the documentary was giving the ex-gang member a platform, he was romantically linked to model and actress Tahyna Tozzi in 2008, whom he reportedly proposed to a number of times.

Koby in SAS Australia. (Credit: Seven)

“I ask her to marry me every single day, but she keeps saying no,” Koby said in 2008 at a US event for his documentary.

Tahyna addressed Koby’s rough reputation at the time, saying “I’m not saying Koby is an innocent angel – because I know he can be a boy – but to me he’s just a teddy bear.”

However, the pair were not meant to be, and separated in 2009.

He dated Ruby Grose next, a model and a psychologist next, proving himself to have a type, given that Olya is also both a model and a psychologist.

Although Koby and Ruby dated for around 18 months, Olya would prove to be his longest and most serious relationship to date.

Koby and Olya. (Credit: Instagram)

It’s not known exactly when the pair took up together, although Koby moved to Bali 10 years ago, saying he would have ended up in jail had he stayed in Maroubra.

He and Olya announced they were both engaged and pregnant on Instagram in 2015.

“I want to remember this day forever,” Olya captioned a picture of herself and Koby.

“My dreams [sic] become true. I’m going to be a wife to my best friend,” she added.

“I said YES.”

Although Koby admitted to not wanting kids, he wrote on Facebook at the time that Olya had changed his mind in many ways.

They named their son Makua Sunny Abberton.

Koby has surprised audiences with his physical strength on SAS. (Credit: Instagram)

The pair now live full-time in Bali, where Koby is still an avid surfer, and Olya has launched a jewellery business, Olamii Jewellery.

“When Covid started we realised as a family that we would have to stay in Bali,” Koby recently shared on Instagram while promoting his wife’s label.

“My beautiful woman Olya decided she would chase her lifelong dream and start a jewellery label @olamii.co,” he shared.

“I love you so much and I’m so proud of your success. You deserve the world and everything in it,” he wrote.

“You deserve the world and everything in it.” (Credit: Instagram)

Olya also often shares similar loved-up posts about Koby.

She turned 30 in August, and shared an image of herself kissing her fiancée.

“Thank you so much @kobyabberton for surprising me non stop [sic] whole weekend, organizing everything to every single detail.

“I love you so much and so grateful for this life!” she gushed.

The model also posted about missing him while he was away shooting SAS Australia.

“Missing you @kobyabberton Its gonna be eight years we are together this year,” she wrote in April, alongside a picture of them kissing on a surfboard.

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