Latrice Royale’s message to Monique Heart as haters froth over shock Drag Race dumping

The RuPaul's Drag Race legend speaks out after stunning coup
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Ousted RuPaul’s Drag Race favourite Latrice Royale has moved to call off her notoriously protective fans, after the star was sensationally ejected from All Stars 4, following a brave choice by lip synch queen Monique Heart.

The Brown Cow Stunning singer took a huge risk in voting an underperforming Latrice off the show, following the large-and-in-charge beauty’s poor performance in the Jersey Justice challenge. There has been much anxiety among the competing queens over the prospect of having to remove Latrice, because of the risk of a massive backlash from her sometimes overly-enthusiastic fans.

‘If you [eliminate Latrice], you’re f***ing trying it,’ contestant Valentina said to race leader Trinity the Tuck. ‘Sending Latrice home? That’s too much. She’s the dearly beloved.’

Monique herself seemed terrified at the prospect of despatching the legend, who had once been widely tipped to easily take out the competition.

‘I don’t know what to do,’ she confessed. ‘Do I keep the person who’s been an inspiration to me, even though her report card is just Cs? Or do I give someone a second chance to redeem themselves for an off week who’s had at least one A+?’

Latrice seemed stunned at the possibility she would be forced out of the show so early, feeling her performance in the challenge was not that bad, and arguing her win was an unfulfilled prophesy that she needed to realise.

‘I’m the most respected, beloved queen in the game,’ she said. ‘That’s who deserves — and should be — in the competition.’


But she couldn’t save herself when close friend Manila Luzon was clearly outclassed in a lip synch battle to Tina Turner’s rendition of the Elton John foot-stomper, The Bitch Is Back.

And, predictably, haters took to social media in force after the verdict, showering Monique with more shade than a total eclipse.

Despite many fans believing Latrice looked furious over Monique’s decision to choose her for removal over Monet X Change, Latrice has taken the higher road, offering Monique an olive branch on social media, and calming her army of followers in one stroke.

‘Feeling all the #love,’ she tweeted.’ @IAmMoniqueHeart had a horrible job to do! She made the best decision! I am a #Legend and I had a blast! Still love @RuPaulsDragRace #AS4 and will continue to #tunein.’

For her part, the always sassy Monique is taking no garbage from those embittered fans who refuse to back off. Responding to a hater who called her ‘brown cow boring,’ Monique responded with a curt, ‘I will gladly block your ass.’

With her new song out this week, it remains to be seen if the bovine-loving performer will slay any more giants, or if she’s just a one hit wonder. 

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