Matty J and Laura Byrne’s most relatable parenting moments

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It’s official – not only are Matty J and Laura Byrne our favourite Bachelor alums, but we’d also like them to adopt us.

WATCH BELOW: Laura Byrne opens up about the realities of life with two young kids

The reality TV pair, who met many moons ago on season five of The Bachelor, are now proud parents of two, and their relatable moments have us laughing and nodding at least once a week.

With daughters Marlie-Mae and Lola, the family are always up to something fun or chaotic, and as fans, we’re always happy to be involved through their many Instagram Stories and Reels.

Here are some of our favourite parenting moments from Matty and Laura.

Matty with little Lola. (Credit: Instagram)

Lola’s birth announcement

With one girl already, Laura seemed convinced that Lola was going to be a boy, right up until the moment she was born. She was so convinced in fact, that she essentially promised Matty he’d be getting a son.

“Welcome to the world my precious little Lola Ellis Johnson,” Laura wrote after Lola’s birth.

“I said I would eat my own poop if you were a girl, and yet HERE YOU ARE! Already teaching me the worldly life lessons that come with being a mama – such as, just because I feel something to be true (in my waters) doesn’t mean it is and not to make promises to @matthewdavidjohnson that I 100% do not intend on keeping,” she penned.

However, Matty was very impressed with his new baby daughter.

“You had us all fooled!” he wrote in celebration of Lola’s arrival.

“Everyone from your Mum, your Nana, the neighbour and even the postman thought you were going to be a boy. Playing pranks on us all already. I love it! I also love that I’m now well and truly outnumbered by 3 beautiful and rambunctious girls at home. Welcome to the family. ❤️”

Family beach day! (Credit: Instagram)

Entertaining their toddler

Amid the 2021 lockdowns, Matty went to great lengths to make Marlie-Mae laugh, picking a fight with the baby gate in the family’s apartment.

Laura got footage of Matty hitting the gate, letting it rebound and hit him in the head while Marlie-Mae cackled in delight.

And with a laugh that adorable, we’d be injuring ourselves to hear it too!

WATCH: Matty J makes daughter Marlie laugh. Story continues below.

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So cool. (Credit: Instagram)

Celebrating milestones

As any dedicated parent would, Matty J and Laura also celebrate their daughters’ milestones – but in the cutest way possible, as usual.

When Lola started crawling, Matty compiled a video set to Survivor’s The Eye of the Tiger, writing “All those early morning sessions finally paying off ! #wegotacrawler”.

Matty also posted videos of Marlie-Mae and Lola’s first few steps, the latter just beginning to walk recently.

“Big week in the little life of Lola – welcome to the world of walking!” he wrote.

WATCH: Matty J and Laura Byrne’s daughter Lola takes some of her first steps. Story continues below.

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Parenting is sometimes as hilarious as it is chaotic, and we’re forever grateful that the couple caught Marlie-Mae on camera mispronouncing the word barking, using something similar but very incorrect.

WATCH: Marlie-Mae Johnson mispronounces the word ‘barking’. Story continues below.

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Seriously, adopt us guys. (Credit: Instagram)

Classic parental forgetfulness

We all felt for Laura when she took to her Instagram Stories to reveal that she’d forgotten to make the girls’ hats for their school’s Easter Parade.

She filmed herself struggling in Kmart as she looked for things that might work as a decoration for a little Easter bonnet, ending up with ping pong balls and an Easter nativity scene.

Amazingly, she pulled it off pretty well, with the creativity she uses to run jewellery brand Toni May paying off perfectly.

Could this be the start of a new craft project completed the night before its needed, a la Hamish Blake’s overnight cake-baking for his own children? We hope so!

WATCH: Laura Byrne makes Easter hats for her daughters

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