How Laura Byrne is managing this hectic time of year

“It will be wonderful to be with family and make memories with the grandparents.”
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One of the reasons we love Laura Byrne so much is that she’s so easy to relate to. While some influencers curate their social media to reflect a high-flying life, we’re usually watching Laura just get things done, with a baby in each arm.

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And at Christmas time? We’re all struggling to get to the end of the year right now, but none more so than Laura, who is wearing almost too many hats to count.

Although we see her influencing on Instagram alongside her Bachelor-won husband, Matty J, Laura is also managing her jewellery business, ToniMay, mothering two young daughters, Marlie-Mae and Lola, and preparing to expand her podcast, Life Uncut, into a national radio show.

“Things are non-stop at the moment and it’s a constant juggle,” she told us in the few moments she could spare.

We made sure to ask Laura about how she does it all, and what she does with the few moments of peace she can find!

Laura with baby Marlie. (Credit: Instagram)

We’ve been out of lockdown for a few months now. How has it felt to try and resume a normal, busy life with two young kids?

I’m usually zipping between my jewellery label ToniMay, the podcast, and mum life. It can be challenging to shift gears and go from work to home life but I’m getting better at being present and prioritising what is most important to me – and for me, it’s my kids and Matt.

What are your best self-care tips for mums out there?

Baths and sleep. I am a big fan of a glass of wine in the bath after I’ve gotten the kids to bed and love an early night.

What are your plans for Christmas and the holidays?

We are heading to Brisbane to see Matt’s family for Christmas, and then heading further north to see my Dad on Magnetic Island. We haven’t seen Matt’s mum or my Dad this year and we miss them terribly, so it will be wonderful to be with family and make memories with the grandparents.

“I like a no-fuss skin routine.” (Credit: Getty)

How important is it for you to keep a good skincare routine?

I like a no-fuss skin routine. For me, it’s more about efficiency than using loads of creams and potions. I have my staple favourite products that I always come back to, and definitely take a ‘less is more’ approach.

How did your skincare change post-pregnancy?

It’s so strange how much changes after having kids – your hair gets thinner, your boobs start looking at your toes. I’d never considered how having kids would affect my skin, but it has in two ways. My skin has a lot more pigmentation (melasma) which I combat now with some heavy lifting skincare that combines retinol and hydroquinone. It also tends to be a lot dryer all over, so I’m all about the hydration! I used to think that oils would make me break out or make me feel ‘oily’, but now I’m a big fan. A few drops of Bio-Oil Skincare Oil in the morning and after a bath does wonders. I love massaging it into my skin to help improve the appearance of my stretch marks and revive my skin.

Laura with her close friend and podcast co-host, Brittany Hockley. (Credit: Instagram)

Any beauty recommendations?

Drink water, don’t over exfoliate and, as the wise Baz Luhrmann said, wear sunscreen!

Your podcast, Life Uncut, is going off at the moment – even being picked up and expanded into radio. How does it feel to be adding a national show to your already busy schedule?

I feel so incredibly blessed to have the Life Uncut community and I love making the podcast. Radio wasn’t on my radar originally, but I love that we have been able to take the podcast out of our bedroom and into the mainstream media. It is a real privilege to be given this opportunity as there are very few female-led radio shows and it’s an incredible opportunity to show younger women that there is a place for them in the media, and that they can get a seat at the table.

What’s the best thing about working with your co-host, Brittany Hockley?

Britt is simply the best! She is one of my closest friends and although we are very different, we work together so well. She is a wonderful, kind, funny woman, and her laugh is seriously infectious.

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