Who is Lionel Messi’s Wife? Meet Antonela Roccuzzo

Get to know Messi's life off the field.

After making his debut on the world stage in 2004, Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi has since become one of the most famous names in the sport. 

From his early career with Barcelona to his most recent campaign with Inter Miami, the 36-year-old has continued to dominate the world of football – receiving a record-breaking eight Ballon d’Or awards and being widely recognised as one of the greatest players of all time. 

Lionel Messi has achieved numerous prestigious milestones in football and throughout his journey, he has received unwavering support from his childhood sweetheart, Antonela Roccuzzo.

After confirming their relationship in early 2009, the couple has quickly become one of the most beloved amongst football fans, with Antonela being a frequent attendee to Lionel’s matches across the globe. 

Is Lionel Messi married? 

Lionel Messi has been married to Argentinian model and businesswoman Antonela Roccuzzo since 2017. 

Lionel and Antonela first met when the footballer was five years old, with Antonela being the cousin of Lionel’s childhood best friend, Lucas Scaglia. 

After being introduced to one another, Lionel reportedly was instantly smitten with Antonela as a young boy, telling her that she would be his girlfriend when they were adults. 

Lionel and Antonela tied the knot in 2017. (Credit: Getty)

Throughout the early years of Lionel’s training with Barcelona F.C., the pair attempt to stay in touch by writing however, they sadly lose touch. Following the tragic passing of Antonela’s close friend in a car accident in 2007, the pair reconnected and rekindled their relationship, with Lionel and Antonela reportedly dating in secret for a year before confirming their romance in a January 2009 interview. 

After two years together, Lionel proposed to Antonela in 2010, with the pair officially tying the knot in a lavish ceremony in their hometown of Rosario, Argentina on June 30, 2017.

How many kids does Lionel Messi have? 

Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo share three sons; Thiago, 11, Mateo, 8, and Ciro, 5. 

To celebrate Antonela’s first pregnancy, Lionel jokingly placed a soccer ball under his jersey during a match in June 2012, with the couple confirming they were pregnant with their first child in an interview two weeks later. 

On November 2, 2012, the couple welcomed their first child, Thiago Messi Roccuzzo, in Barcelona, Spain. Shortly after the birth, Lionel shared his tribute to his first son, posting a photo of his newborn’s name and handprints tattooed onto his calf. 

The couple share three children. (Credit: Getty)

In April 2015, Lionel and Antonela announced that they were expecting their second child, with the couple welcoming the arrival of their son Matteo on September 11, 2015. 

Speaking on his son’s personality, Lionel told Argentinian journalist Sebastian Vignolo, “Mateo is the same as me when I was little. He doesn’t like to lose anything.” 

In October 2017, Antonela announced that the couple were expecting their third child, with their youngest son Ciro being born on March 10, 2018. 

Lionel and Antonela share tribute tattoos to their three sons. (Credit: Instagram)

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