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Typically, Aussie Bachelors meet their girlfriend’s parents when they’re dating three other women at the same time during Hometowns Week. But now, season eight’s Locky Gilbert has finally come face to face with Irena Srbinovska’s mum and dad.

WATCH BELOW: Locky and Irena announce their new life together after the finale

In a very romantic move, adventure travel guide Locky made the grand gesture to fly his girlfriend’s parents Vesna and Vasco Srbinovska from Melbourne out to the Barossa Valley in South Australia where he and Irena are currently holidaying.

The two couples spent their trip wine tasting and getting to know each other in person and the special moment clearly meant a lot to Irena.

“After missing out on meeting Locky during Hometowns they finally got to meet in person.” (Credit: Instagram)

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, Irena shared a selection of photos from her parents’ trip, captioning them: “After missing out on meeting Locky during Hometowns they finally got to meet in person.

“I have missed my family so much and these last couple of days with them filled my heart.

Thank you @locklangilbert for the best surprise and thank you to my parents for making the trip from Melbourne. And for those of you asking…yes they approve and love Locky.”

Locky has the tick of approval! (Credit: Instagram)

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement for the Bachelor couple’s big milestone.

“So so happy for you guys,” Bachie alum Alisha Aitken Radburn penned.

“This makes my heart melt,” wrote another.

“How absolutely gorgeous!” gushed a third.

Due to COVID-19 border closures, Locky’s first meeting with Irena’s family was done via video chat. (Credit: Ten)

During filming for The Bachelor, Locky was unable to meet the Srbinovskas in person due to COVID-19 border closures.

For Hometowns Week, Locky and Irena chatted to Vesna, Vasco and Irena’s brother Igor via video chat and despite some terse warnings from Igor, the former Survivor star received the thumbs up of approval.

Irena was dealt another blow when her father was hospitalised during the period she and Locky were in hotel quarantine and admitted that she suffered from homesickness during that period.

“I am definitely homesick and with everything that has happened with my dad I really miss home too but I am absolutely loving my new life in Perth,” Irena wrote in response to an Instagram Q&A back in November.

“Like everyone I have my good days and then days when I have my cry to Locky about how much I miss home. Moving for love was an easy decision and I am very happy in Perth with Locky.”

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