Meet Eoghan McDermott— the mysterious voice behind Love Island Australia

He's Rihanna's former backup dancer!
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As we near the season two premiere of Love Island Australia, we thought we’d answer all of your burning questions. One of which includes: “Who on earth is the guy who does the hilarious voice-overs?” 

Well, my friends, let me introduce you to Eoghan McDermott. (It’s pronounced Owen, BTW.)

Before he lent his voice to the hit dating series— don’t be fooled, he’s not the same narrator as the UK version of the show— the Irish born star was a backup dancer for Rihanna and also danced alongside The Pussycat Dolls and Chris Brown. 

Yeah, guys, he’s kind of a big deal!!!

In 2011, after finding fame on MTV’s Pick Me MTV— a reality series which focused on finding the network’s next on-air presenter— Eoghan signed on with XFM as a radio DJ host. Two years later, he landed a huge gig at national broadcaster 2FM where he took over as the sole host. In his spare time, he also co-hosted  The Voice Ireland alongside Kathryn Thomas.

WATCH: Eoghan and the show’s creator, Matt take us through what’s requires to voice over the hit show

In 2015 and 2016, Eoghan hosted Eurovision’s Irish Selection shows. 

In 2018 he signed on to do the voiceovers for Love Island Australia! 


While at this point in time an official release date for the second season of Love Island Australia has not been announced, we already know that filming is well underway. And seeing as we’ve been gifted two epic trailers, we can only assume that a follow-up season will air in the next few months.

Unlike last year, this season of the hit dating series will be broadcast on Channel Nine and not 9GO!. Despite the slight change, as expected, former Bachelorette star Sophie Monk will return for hosting duties. 

Although the network is yet to reveal the cast, we’ve been given a first look at those who are looking to find love on the Fijian Island, and they’re hot. There’s also rumours swirling that the network has recruited Jessika Power and Ines Basic to star in the hit series. Known for their controversial carry-on, a source close to the situation revealed that the Married At First Sight stars have been cast to stir the pot and lift the show’s ratings. 

Ahead of the premiere, Sophie Monk posted two new trailers to her Instagram page.

While the first clip doesn’t give too much away, the unlucky in love reality star channels cupid as she sits on a cloud and chats to the Gold of Love— voiced by Eoghan— who announces that “we’ve got a big problem with love. There’s just not enough. Dating apps aren’t working… we need more love.”

“It’s all taken care of,” the blonde bombshell responds. “I’ve got the perfect place for falling in love. It’s an island… a love island.”

“God of Love, you can count on me,” she says as she takes on the task of finding “loads of hot bodies” to join the island. 


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In the second teaser, once again, Sophie stars as cupid, swooping into a support group for “beautiful people”, who are all desperate to find the one. Sitting around in a circle, the contestants are shown discussing how tough it is for gorgeous people like them.

One topless Lothario says, “I try to wear clothes, it just doesn’t feel right.”

Another laments, “I know I am an 11 but to find another 11, we’re like unicorns.”

“I get 50,000 likes but all I really want is love,” another says.

Sophie lands among them and tells them: “Beautiful people, I feel your pain and I am here to find you love. Imagine an island with beautiful people.” 

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