Love Island Australia 2022: And then there were three…

Every contestant eliminated from Love Island so far
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The fourth season of Love Island Australia is finally here and boy, oh boy have there been some twists and turns!

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The first couples of the season were Claudia and Jordan, Phoebe and Mitchell, Jessica and Conor, Layla and Austen and Stella and Andre, but things move quickly in the Villa, with more intruders and Bombshells than we can count! 

But it doesn’t look like the Bombshells are making great first impressions, with many leaving the villa quickly!

As more and more couples get serious, the eliminations are becoming increasingly more emotional, with many tough decisions having to be made. 

So, without further ado, here is everyone who has been eliminated from Love Island Australia 2022!

Bye Andre! (Credit: Nine)


The second week in the villa, saw the first official elimination of the season! Although Stella had been with Andre from the get-go…she made a surprising decision. 

“I’ve really enjoyed getting to know him, and I do believe he’s here for the right reasons. So the boy I’d like to Couple Up with, is….”

After breaking down in tears, she picked Jordan, sending Andre home after just a few days in the villa. 

Love Island
Bye Bye! (Credit: Nine)


A double-dumping saw two islanders sent home! When given the option to send either Tak or Conor home, Claudia and Stella chose Conor. 

“This decision was not easy. You both have made a big impact and grown a lot… but there is someone we want to blossom more, and we think this experience will help him to blossom more,” Claudia explained.


The boys had the tough decision between eliminating Bombshell Maddy or OG Holly during the same episode, ultimately choosing to send home Holly. 

“Unfortunately, you can only do so much, only try so much to find a connection. And sometimes, it doesn’t work out. So the girl we are sending home is… Holly,” Austen said.

Love Island
Bye Layla! (Credit: Nine)


Unfortunately for Layla, the addition of two new bombshells spelled the end of her time in the Villa. After Vakoo chose Callum, only Stella and Layla were left single. New intruder Ben had his sights set on Stella, which saw Layla packing her bags!

Love Island
We feel like we don’t really know Ben! (Credit: Nine)


Unfortunately for Ben, he was sent home before he even had a chance to pack his bags! 

“Not all heroes wear capes. I have enjoyed every single second in here, and I won’t forget any of you, either. It has been the blessing of my life, and I hope the best for all of your futures,” he tearily explained to the rest of the Villa.

“Imagine me as a ghost sitting next to you, to guide you every step of the way.”

Whilst some fans thought it was sweet that he volunteered to leave to save Stella, other’s were upset they never had the chance to get to know him. 

Love Island
Vakoo has also been eliminated. (Credit: Nine)


Despite coupling up with Callum after stealing him from Layla, the couple just wasn’t meant to be, with Callum deciding he doesn’t want to progress their romance any further. 

“I just think that things should move faster in here for me, I feel like it should be easy for me to bond and be sexually attracted,” he tells her. “I tried, but it should be coming more natural to me and it’s just not feeling natural. Do you hate me?”

And just like that another bombshell is booted from the villa!

Love Island
Bye! (Credit: Nine)


And just like that, another Bombshell is eliminated! The superfans have been voting for which girl they enjoy watching the most in the Villa, and unfortunately Maddy, Phoebe H and Jessica have the lowest scores. 

The girl’s elimination was then in the hands of their respective partners, and ultimately Phoebe H and Jessica had stronger connections with the guys. 

“I can see how the decision was made… I just wasn’t able to find [a connection],” Maddy explained as she left the Villa. 

For more information on behind-the-scenes Love Island antics, and who Maddy thinks will win, read her exclusive interview with WHO.

Love Island
Poor Tak! (Credit: Nine)


Unfortunately for Tak, Stella decided once and for all that she didn’t quite have the same feelings about their relationship. 

“I’m just not vibing it,” she explained. “I think after our couples’ therapy session today, I felt like we were on a different page. I don’t want to be faffing you around basically, so that’s why I think we should just be friends.”

“It’s a mature decision because to be honest, I feel like it was always one-sided because you knew how I felt,” he replies.

Love Island
Bye Phoebe! (Credit: Nine)

Phoebe H

After Phoebe H was tragically dumped from the Villa, she was even more heartbroken partner Jordan wouldn’t leave with her. 

“I’m not even sad about leaving here, it’s just more you…” Phoebe H explained.

“I’ll be back in Queensland in no time!” he says, to which she replies: “So you’re not even interested in any of the girls here? What are you going to do.”

“Hang out with the boys!” he replies…ouch. 

Love Island
The Villa were devastated when Jordan was eliminated. (Credit: Nine)


Poor Jordan was eliminated and we haven’t seen this many tears all season!

The boys were devastated that their friend was leaving, although, it wasn’t much of a surprise considering he was the only single person left in the Villa!

“He’s such a top bloke. I wish him nothing but the best, because he’s one of a kind. His soul is so pure, and I think that’s very, very rare,” Austen explained.

Love Island
Another OG Islander gone! (Credit: Nine)


As we get to the pointy end of the season, more and more contestants are getting the boot. And this time, new-couple Stella and Hugh were sent home.

Love Island
Bye Hugh! (Credit: Nine)


After entering the Villa with his twin sister, Hugh made quite the impression. Despite his short time in the Villa – we’re sad to see him leave!

Love Island
(Credit: Nine)

Mitch and Tina 

Last year’s Love Island winners surprised fans when they re-entered the Villa this season – especially since they had broken up. But the chemistry was undeniable, with the couple quickly getting back together. However, they won’t be winning two seasons in a row, as they both were eliminated. 

Love Island
(Credit: Nine)

Al and Jess

Al and Jess got so close to the final three… yet it just wasn’t meant to be. Despite being one of the stronger couples on Love Island, their relationship didn’t quite take off outside the Villa, with Al admitting they were just friends. 

Love Island Australia airs 6pm Monday – Thursday on 9Now. 

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