Love Island Australia: Channel Nine release date and time

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After dropping two very juicy teaser trailers, Nine Network has finally confirmed that season two of Love Island Australia will be premiering Monday, October 7.

Yep, that’s less than two weeks away, so start preparing yourself for all the drama that’s to come! 

The news was revealed this morning on the show’s official Instagram page with the caption: “THIS IS NOT A DRILL!! Please try to remain calm while #LoveIslandAU makes its way to your screen.💜” 

Unlike last year, this season of the hit dating series— which was reportedly filmed in Queensland this year— will be broadcast on Channel Nine and not 9GO!. Despite the slight change, as expected, former Bachelorette star Sophie Monk will return for hosting duties, as will the show’s hilarious narrator, Irish comic Eoghan McDermott.

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While the cast is yet to be confirmed, we can inform you that Married at First Sight’s Jessika Power will not be joining the show. Speaking to New Idea, the controversial reality TV star— who hinted on multiple occasions that Nine Network poached her to star in the series— said she’s too busy with other business ventures to return to our screens so soon after starring on MAFS. 

“At the moment, I have so many amazing projects in the works that I want to focus on, so the possibility of more reality TV for me this year isn’t in my cards,” said Jess, who recently announced she’s split from fellow MAFS star, Nick Furphy.


Ahead of the highly anticipated premiere, Sophie Monk posted a couple of very exciting trailers to her Instagram page, giving fans a sneak peek of what’s to come

While the first clip doesn’t give too much away, the unlucky in love reality star channels cupid as she sits on a cloud and chats to the Gold of Love— voiced by Eoghan— who announces that “we’ve got a big problem with love. There’s just not enough. Dating apps aren’t working… we need more love.”

“It’s all taken care of,” the blonde bombshell responds. “I’ve got the perfect place for falling in love. It’s an island… a love island.”

“God of Love, you can count on me,” she says as she takes on the task of finding “loads of hot bodies” to join the island. 


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In the second teaseronce again, Sophie stars as cupid, swooping into a support group for “beautiful people”, who are all desperate to find the one. Sitting around in a circle, the contestants are shown discussing how tough it is for gorgeous people like them.

One topless Lothario says, “I try to wear clothes, it just doesn’t feel right.”

Another laments, “I know I am an 11 but to find another 11, we’re like unicorns.”

“I get 50,000 likes but all I really want is love,” another says.

Sophie lands among them and tells them: “Beautiful people, I feel your pain and I am here to find you love. Imagine an island with beautiful people.” 

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