The first trailer for season two of ‘Love Island Australia’ is here

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Fans have finally been given a taste of what’s to come on the second season of Love Island Australia!

A new promo trailer for the series just dropped and it’s all about Sophie Monk! 

While the short clip doesn’t give too much away, the former Bachelorette star channels cupid as she sits on a cloud and chats to the Gold of Love— voiced by Eoghan McDermott— who announces that “we’ve got a big problem with love. There’s just not enough. Dating apps aren’t working… we need more love.”

“It’s all taken care of,” the blonde bombshell responds. “I’ve got the perfect place for falling in love. It’s an island… a love island.”


“God of Love, you can count on me,” she says as she takes on the task of finding “loads of hot bodies” to join the island. 

After the snippet was posted to Love Island Australia’s official Instagram page, several of the show’s former contestants weighed in on the upcoming season, expressing their excitement! 

‘Yesssss! Sooo keen for this,” Millie Fuller commented. 

“This is going to be EPIC,” Erin Barnett added. 

Although Channel Nine is yet to announce the cast, insiders claim the network has recruited Jessika Power and Ines Basic to star in the hit series. Known for their controversial carryon, a source close to the situation revealed that the unlikely Married At First Sight stars have been cast to stir the pot and lift the show’s ratings. 

“It’s true, Jess has been poached by producers. They think she’s the perfect fit for the show. She’s never far from drama and has no problems partner swapping – not to mention she is rating gold!” a source close to the situation told a local Australian publication.

“They’re still in the middle of casting and need to see how it will work with the other applicants. But the plan is to introduce Jess as an intruder halfway through to spice things up.”

Applications for the show are still open to those who are “sexy, young and single” and “looking for true love”. 

Love Island Australia is expected to hit our screens later this year.

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