Drew Brauer is absolutely not a fan of MAFS

In fact, he bought a new hat just to prove it.
MAFS drew
Nearly one year on since he appeared on the show, Drew Brauer says he doesn't want to watch the new season of MAFS.
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Former Married At First Sight groom Drew Brauer wants you to know he’s not a fan of the dramatic reality TV dating show, nor does he recommend you audition for it.

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This year’s Married At First Sight has been, well, divisive to say the least. 

From someone’s sexuality being played up as a laughable storyline to the unsettlingly toxic underlines of Melissa and Bryce’s romance – including when he told her she’s “not my type” – this season has really made a case for showing the ugly side of relationships and unattractive qualities in a partner. 

So, in a way, we can’t blame former Brauer when he recently quipped, “I would rather stab myself in the eye than watch MAFS.”

We’re not joking.

MAFS drew
Nearly one year on since he appeared on the show, Drew Brauer says he doesn’t want to watch the new season of MAFS. (Credit: Channel Nine.)

Earlier this month, the 32-year-old Cairns-born musician-turned-charity-founder jokingly shared a photo of a hat on Instagram with the infamous text above embroidered on.  

“I am still getting messages every week asking whether I’d recommend going on MAFS, here’s my answer. I told you I’d get the hat.”

MAFS Drew hat
Former MAFS groom Drew Brauer is so done with the show he even bought a hat to prove it. (Credit: Instagram.)

“I know it’s ironic that a lot of the people who follow me are MAFS fans and would be following this series [but] you wouldn’t be if you truly knew what the people on there have to go through,” he revealed when he first teased the controversial new headpiece.

“I’ve never felt like less of a human being in my whole life. If I had seen the show, or had any idea at all what it was going to be like, I never would have agreed to go anywhere near it, and I would never recommend anybody else to do so.”

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