MAFS star Matt Ridley dumped after wild night out

"I deserve better."
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Former Married At First Sight groom Matt Ridley has been dumped publicly by his partner KJ White after his antics on a boys golfing trip were revealed to her.

WATCH BELOW: MAFS’ Matt Ridley’s wild night out

Taking to Instagram, KJ announced the breakup late on Tuesday.

“I’m always so private about my personal life … but this time I just cannot stay quiet,” she wrote.

“I have never been so disrespected in my life. Needless to say I’ve ended the relationship,” she revealed.

KJ shared photos and videos of Matt’s antics. (Credit: Instagram)

In the following slides, she shared pictures and videos of Matt on his big night out, including him dancing with an unidentified woman, and filming himself slurring his words as he said “we’re on a f—ing golf trip, we’re not f—ing on a church trip”.

Matt later revealed the video was him trying to coax his friends to join him at the bar.

KJ continued to share her shock in the following stories.

“I deserve better,” KJ claimed. (Credit: Instagram)

“Had I not seen this footage, I wouldn’t have known how he behaves when I’m not with him,” the flight attendant penned.

“The footage was taken on his phone and posted on one of his social accounts. When brought to his attention, he did not take it down.

This has happened before. I deserve better,” she wrote definitively.

“Taking time for me. Should have known better … MAFS,” KJ added.

Matt also confirmed the split on his own social media account. (Credit: Instagram)

Matt shared his own Instagram Story post confirming the split.

“The journey post-MAFS is a crazy one, it’s unpredictable and it’s busy. I am lucky that my journey led me to love again,” he wrote.

“I have learnt many things in recent months, not just of myself and where I want to be, but also in others. Sadly, the journey with KJ has ended and we have decided to call time on our relationship.

“KJ is an incredibly gorgeous girl and I wish her so much love and happiness,” he finished.

However, KJ shared a screenshot of the post on her own stories, confirming she was the one who ended things over Matt’s antics.

“Doesn’t seem like we are broken up here!” (Credit: Instagram)

While Matt claimed in an Instagram comment that the two had separated before he went away on the trip, KJ denied this, and posted a screenshot of texts he had sent to her while away on the weekend.

“Doesn’t seem like we are broken up here!” she wrote alongside the screenshot.

“I ended it on Monday … after his trip,” she confirmed.

Matt married Kate Laidlaw on MAFS. (Credit: Nine Network)

Matt is best-known for his appearance on the most-recent season of Married At First Sight, where he was paired with Kate Laidlaw.

While they were off to a rocky start to begin with, another night out drinking during filming saw the pair hit a new low during their showmance.

“I took an opportunity to have a few drinks and let my hair down a little and took it too far, which wasn’t to Kate’s liking,” he said on the show.

“My understanding now is, she [Kate] isn’t a drinker,” Matt said.

“She may only have one or two drinks at a Dinner Party. She doesn’t like that. She doesn’t like that detail in men, she’s just not attracted to drinking or to drunk behaviour.”

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