MAFS bride Samantha Moitzi teases huge transformation

Fans demanded to know if she's been under the knife.
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Married At First Sight star Samantha Moitzi has teased a huge transformation in her future, revealing on Instagram she plans to undergo plastic surgery.

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During a Q&A session on Wednesday morning, one fan asked the reality TV star if she’d ever had filler or Botox in her nose to alter its shape.

Samantha replied that she hadn’t, but “hates” her nose and has big plans to get it adjusted one day.

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“No I haven’t had anything in my nose but I hate my nose and will one day get a nose job,” she revealed.

And she’s no stranger to cosmetic procedures, having already undergone some tweaking in the form of Botox and filler injections.


“I get forehead and frown line Botox pretty regularly,” she told fans on Tuesday night.

“I’ve gotten cheek and lip [filler] done a few times and jaw done once… the last time I got it done [was] in August 2021, it was my first time jaw filler.”

She shared a clip alongside the confession showing herself with bruised lips and a swollen face from the injections, though Samantha noted she was “feeling myself” at the time.

The 26-year-old wouldn’t be the first MAFS star to undergo a massive transformation after the show, with countless other contestants seeking out makeovers after finding fame.

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Jessika Power is the most well-known for undergoing plastic surgery after her stint on season six of MAFS, revealing in 2021 she spent over $60,000 on her makeover.

The cost included veneers, cheek Botox, jaw slimming, and the removal of fat from her legs, which was then added to her bust via an autologuous fat graft.

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While she said she had “no problems with getting implants” in the future, she opted for a fat transfer to enhance her bust for the time being.

Other stars have transformed their smile with bright white veneers after starring on MAFS, including Samantha’s co-stars Selin Mengu and Matt Ridley.


While she does plan to undergo rhinoplasty in the future, Samantha has confessed she can’t think of anything worse than being judged on her appearance.

It’s for that very reason she’d never agree to appear on Love Island Australia, she told fans who asked after her future reality TV plans.

“Love Island is probably the only one I wouldn’t go on,” she admitted.

“Besides the fact that I’m not single, I also couldn’t think of anything worse than being judged purely on the way I look in the beginning. Good on anyone who goes on it. Those guys are legends!”

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Speaking of her relationship, Samantha also revealed that she knew her current partner long before she appeared on MAFS.

She described the moment they met three years ago as: “I saw him [out] and was like he’s so hot… so lingered like a bad smell until he took me home.”

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