MAFS star rushed to hospital after DRINK DRIVING crash

Will they ever learn?
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Yet another Married At First Sight star has done something stupid – and illegal – behind the wheel.


Rhyce Power took to Instagram on Sunday to make a public service announcement, after he ended up in hospital after driving a scooter following “a few too many” alcoholic beverages.

Alongside a hospital bed selfie, Rhyce – who’s also recently had an AVO taken out against him – began his announcement with, “Want to share this as an awareness post.”

Then he detailed the incident, weeks after his own sister Jessika Power was accused of driving a car whilst drunk.

“Last night I was driving a scooter in Bali a few to many drinks and no wearing a helmet as I thought I’m close to home ill be right. Can’t really remember much but I woke up in hospital 12 stitches later, with no memories of the incident a huge medical bill and pretty bloody sore today.

“I could have been a lot more injured or even worse died.”


Then he gave his followers two pieces of advice, something each and every person who obtains a vehicle license is taught. Perhaps Rhyce has poor memory.

“I want to get this message out whether you 2km or 400km from home please always wear your helmet when riding a scooter in a foreign country or even your own country it’s just not worth it even if you look like a dork or you think you’ll be fine. AND NEVER DRINK DRIVE OPERATING ANY MOTOR Vehicles so lucky.”

While there were many people who gave the reality TV breakout star a pat on the back for his caution, others weren’t impressed.

One called him “f**ken’ stupid,” while others slammed him for not having travel insurance.”

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