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With just a handful of episodes left of Married At First Sight Australia, there are only five couples remaining as we approach the Final Vows. We’ve said goodbye to a whole bunch of contestants who chose to “leave” the experiment. And, occasionally, we’ve watched someone walk out in a huff at a Dinner Party or three seconds after moving in to their apartment.

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While the decision is easy for “happy couples” like Jackson and Olivia, it can be much more difficult for those who are struggling – we’re looking at you, Brent and Tamara.

Ahead of the Commitment Ceremony each Sunday, the brides and grooms split off into groups to have little emotional pre-game sessions.

“These conversations allow each individual to receive crucial advice from their peers,” expert Alessandra Rampolla said. “It gives them a chance to discuss their relationships and help them make a considered decision in whether to stay or leave their marriage.”

Beyond that, the choice to “stay” or “leave” is up to them. Here’s everyone who has left MAFS 2022 so far.

mafs olivia holly jackson
While Holly said Andrew took her voice, Olivia and Jackson said it wasn’t just his fault. (Credit: Nine Network)

Holly & Andrew

During their first commitment ceremony, Andrew and Holly spoke about their tense relationship and reflected on one moment in particular, when he told her he’d had better chemistry with one-night-stands.

“Being inconsiderate and rude in the way that you say things, with the excuse that it’s just being honest, I’m going to call you out on that every time,” Alessandra told the groom.

As we know, things did not improve for the couple after that, with Andrew storming out of the Dinner Party declaring he was “done” with the show.

“I’ve made my mind up,” Andrew said in a voice-over the following episode, while the crew filmed him packing his bags ahead of the Commitment Ceremony.

“I know exactly how I feel I guess at this point I’m at the end of my rope I have some requirements in my mind of who I want in my daughter’s life in, my life. She doesn’t fit that mould, so there’s really nothing that I’m holding onto. I’m done.”

While co-stars like Selin, Anthony, Samantha, Al and Domenica showed support for Holly as she attended the Commitment Ceremony alone, others such as Olivia and Jackson said they didn’t think it was all one persons fault.

While Jackson said he didn’t think her statements from the Commitment Ceremony matched up with what she said at the Dinner Party, Olivia said she didn’t believe Holly had been “100 per cent adult” through the situation.

Regardless of what they thought, Holly had the support of the experts as she said Andrew had “silenced” her. Holly revealed she would be leaving the show with the knowledge that she is “enough.” And just like that, Holly and Andrew became the first couple to leave the experiment.

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selin and anthony
Ah yes, the look of love. We mean, the look of being “so done” with MAFS. (Credit: Nine Network)

Anthony & Selin

These two have had a hot and cold relationship from the beginning, with their honeymoon turning disastrous following a blissful wedding day that saw them labelled a “perfect match” by the experts. 

When Selin called Anthony a princess for opening up about his emotions, he left the honeymoon. When the experts called out Selin’s behaviour, she vowed to take on-board their advice – but it wasn’t enough to bring about any real chemistry or romance between the two.

Despite seemingly being A-Ok through the second Dinner Party and Commitment Ceremony, their relationship imploded at the third. The couple were shouting at one-another across the table and it was clear things hadn’t really improved after the honeymoon.

“I need that spark in my life, I need that flare, I need that excitement. I need to be able to connect with somebody and I’m just not feeling that,” Anthony told the experts of his decision to leave at the end of week three.

Selin, for her part, simply wrote “I’m done!” on her card to indicate she was ready to go. Absolutely no surprises there that the couple called time on their marriage

jessica and daniel
What a match made in heaven! (Credit: Nine Network)

Jessica & Daniel

If you thought these two were going to make it, we’re sorry but… how? They had spat after spat on their wedding night and honeymoon. And their first Dinner Party wasn’t any better.

Jess happily told the other contestants what she had said to Daniel in their arguments and refused to back down in a heated conversation with Domenica, who questioned her intentions and called her a petulant child.

“I just thought that she had this real smugness to her, that she knows better and that she thinks it’s my way or the highway,” Domenica tells WHO of Jessica.

And the experts had the same sort of opinion, calling out her behaviour at her first Commitment Ceremony. The couple agreed to work on things, but that all fell apart when they moved into their apartment the following day.

Jess told Daniel pretty much instantly that she was out, taking her already-packed bags and bolting. It’s okay though, Daniel sought solace with another contestant…

dion and carolina
And the matches just get worse. (Credit: Nine Network)

Dion & Carolina

Honestly, we didn’t think it could get worse than Selin and Anthony but here we are. Dion and Carolina were a mismatch from the beginning, with the bride irritated by her husband’s every thought, comment, hobby, breath etc. 

Carolina appeared to hate Dion’s guts and she certainly let him know, at one point yelling out that he “has nothing” and is “empty.” It was bad.

“It’s like she’s upset she got stuck with me, it’s hurtful,” Dion told the cameras after the fight. “It’s… it’s just really hard because I’ve given up everything to be here. I’ve tried, tried, and tried. I really did come here to find love and it’s just been thrown in my face that I don’t have it.”

Eventually, the pair’s relationship became so toxic that Dion showed up to the final Commitment Ceremony alone – while Carolina showed up arm-in-arm with Daniel to finally reveal their “affair.”

While fans felt sorry for Dion, Carolina and Daniel expressed little to no remorse and are still believed to be together four months after filming. 

Kate and Matt were not meant to be. (Credit: Nine Network)

Kate & Matt

Despite seeming like a good match on paper, these two struggled to ever get their relationship off the ground. Kate was resistant to Matt’s overly affectionate style, and made it clear she wasn’t too keen on him at every given opportunity. It was super awkward and also… fairly boring. 

At the second-last Commitment Ceremony, Kate revealed she had wanted to give Matt another chance but changed her mind after he got drunk at the Couple’s Retreat. 

“I made stupid decisions at a really crucial time in our relationship, and I stuffed up,” Matt told the experts.

They left on somewhat amicable terms, though Matt tells WHO he has nothing but kind words for his bride now.

“Kate is an amazing girl, she really is,” Matt tells WHO. “Sure she hasn’t been portrayed that way, but there are times when we’ve had great fun, where we’ve opened up to each other and shared our stories.”

samantha and al
Our golden retriever heads home. (Credit: Nine Network)

Samantha & Al

They were the “will they, won’t they?” of the season, but in the last Commitment Ceremony it was finally time for Samantha and Al to head on home.

After weeks of writing “leave” on her card, Samantha got to exit the experiment with Al after a few days of “friendly” activities to put them back on positive terms.

“We went on a really nice [snorkelling] date and that was a step in the right direction, otherwise if we did leave we would’ve left on a really bad note,” he says of their departure.

“The journey on the show was probably the best thing I’ve ever done in my life,” he adds. “I’ve cherished every single moment of it. If I’m gonna be honest I didn’t want to leave. I loved it there.”

Who will be next to go?

tamara and brent
Goodbye to a chaotic couple. (Credit: Nine Network)

Tamara & Brent

Somehow – SOMEHOW – Tamara and Brent made it through to the Final Vows. Despite having one of the worst matches we’ve seen in MAFS history.

Despite Tamara’s clear disdain for Brent’s apartment, life, vibes, career (despite not knowing what it was), the pair had remained together until the very end. But that’s when the real drama went down.

In his vows, Brent said their journey in the experiment had been “filled with disrespect.”

“You don’t have any real loyalty to anyone. And I realised you lack all the qualities I’m looking for in a partner,” he said.

“You are not God’s gift to humanity, so stop looking down on everyone. I don’t even know where you get the confidence to do so. So on that note, good luck, good riddance.”

With that, Brent dropped his cards to the ground and smoke-bombed out of the experiment for good.

Married At First Sight Australia airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine Network and 9Now.

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