Are MAFS’ Jessica Seracino and Daniel Holmes still together?

"If you think that was crazy, just wait. It gets worse."
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The final couple to join the experiment, fans waited with bated breath to see if Jessica Seracino and Daniel Holmes would be the next great love match on Married At First Sight Australia. Short answer? Probably not, after seeing their first episode.

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Daniel, 30, and Jessica, 27, appeared to be excited when they met at the altar on their wedding day. But that was probably the last peaceful moment for “happy couple” who were “expertly matched” by John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla.

“I was definitely thinking that [the experts got it wrong]. I was thinking, I don’t know how we’re going to recover from this at all,” Daniel tells WHO of his partner.

Things didn’t go well for the pair, with the match imploding almost immediately after the first Commitment Ceremony. Jess told Daniel she wanted to leave the experiment, and he sought solace with another bride, Carolina Santos.

The signs were there all along that the couple would split.

Daniel and Jessica don’t currently follow each other on Instagram, despite following their co-stars, which is a pretty major red flag as to whether or not they made it through the experiment. They were also tipped to duck out early on SportsBet.

jess and dan
It was all downhill from their wedding day. (Credit: Nine Network)

Where did it all go wrong?

“She’s beautiful,” Daniel initially gushed over his bride on their wedding day. “She looks like the type of girl who knows what she wants and who can challenge me a little. I’m happy.”

But, during the wedding reception, Daniel became upset when Jess spoke about her “real wedding” in the future.

While he took that to mean she wasn’t committed to the experiment, she simply meant when she had a wedding that wasn’t filmed for TV and was actually legally binding, unlike this one.

“I think you should ask me first. Why leave and not speak to me and ask me what I meant?” Jessica told him.

Despite Jessica calling it a “tantrum” when it was at best a minor concern, the pair managed to move on and share some sweeter moments on their honeymoon. Until the dreaded question box appeared to cause chaos. 

Daniel left Jess sitting alone after the “real wedding” comment. (Credit: Nine Network)

When Daniel wouldn’t tell Jess what he would “change” about her appearance – yeah, he’s seen this show before – she refused to let it go and at some stage called him a “little b—h.”

At their first Dinner Party things weren’t any better. Jess happily told the other contestants what she had said and refused to back down in a heated argument with Domenica Calarco, who questioned her intentions and called her a petulant child.

“I just thought that she had this real smugness to her, that she knows better and that she thinks it’s my way or the highway,” Domenica tells WHO of the new bride.

“I just felt as though she really wasn’t open at all to making it work with Daniel and when I would try and talk with her to get out of her what exactly the scenario was and what was going on, she couldn’t come up with any excuses.”

While a deflated Daniel was comforted to know he had the support of Domenica in the room, there was one other bride who took things a step further: Carolina Santos.

Domenica called out Jessica’s behaviour at the Dinner Party. (Credit: Nine Network)

Carolina, 33, who is matched with Dion, 34, is unhappy with her pairing. The Brazilian bride has, let’s be honest, been fairly rude to Dion thus far in the experiment and is clearly on the lookout for someone new.

She approached Daniel at the Dinner Party to offer her friendship in dealing with a bad marriage, which allegedly she is also in? Okay. 

Daniel, who has actually been having a difficult time with his partner calling him names and taunting him for his sensitivity, was glad to have someone he could connect with.

“At the time I thought, this is a good feeling,” he tells WHO. “I can’t explain it but it was the feeling I thought I was going to have with my bride. My whole demeanor changed when I was talking to Carolina.

“I was confused but I was intrigued. There was something about it that… I felt something between us. I just knew something was there.”

And we can all see where this might be going, but we can’t wait to watch what happens next. According to the star, it’s going to be intense.

“I’ll give you a heads up, if you think that Dinner Party was crazy just wait. It gets worse,” Daniel reveals of the drama to come. Consider us intrigued.

carolina and daniel mafs
Could there be another couple swap on MAFS? (Credit: Nine Network)

Married At First Sight Australia airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine Network and 9Now.

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