Are Ella Ding and Mitch Eynaud still together after MAFS?

Let's take a look at the evidence.
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While some Married At First Sight Australia couples fall in love beneath fairy lights while twinkling music plays, it was more like lust at first sight for Ella Ding and Mitch Eynaud.

WATCH: Ella and Mitch hit it off on their wedding day

Sparks flew between the pair at the altar when they first met, with Mitch and Ella both saying they were attracted to one another and even sharing a steamy smooch during their wedding photo-shoot.

“[The experts] definitely hit the nail on the head with things I asked for,” Ella said upon meeting Mitch, while he added: “Likewise. Likewise.”

Unfortunately, Mitch and Ella’s relationship came to an emotional conclusion during their Final Vows, with Mitch deciding to do… nothing.

He asked his bride for “patience” and said he would not be forced into making a decision about their romance at that point in time.

“It’s difficult to see a bright future with you when it seems the longer that we spend with each other the more difficult the relationship gets,” Mitch told her.

“I’m sorry Ella, but right now I just can’t give you the commitment I know you want. I know this is not what you want to hear but what I ask from you today is patience, but all I can be is honest and this is how I feel.”

Ella was visibly upset by the reveal, after telling Mitch she was willing to take their romance outside of the experiment.

“I’ve given it my all. I have given it my absolute all. He’s asked for patience but to me he’s just keeping his options open,” she told producers.

Despite Mitchell’s disappointing vows, the pair showed up to the Reunion hand-in-hand as they revealed they’d managed to make the relationship work outside of the experiment. 

mitch ella wedding
It was lust at first sight for Ella and Mitch. (Credit: Nine Network)

“Ella is my girlfriend,” Mitch proudly declared at the Reunion.

The pair met up in the Gold Coast in December, a few weeks after the Final Vows, as a “last chance” meeting.

Spending time together without the pressure of the show proved to be successful, with the couple still happily in a relationship in January when the Reunion was filmed.

In the final episode, Mitch doubled down and told the experts he was falling for Ella – his official girlfriend.

“Once I got home, we were talking and I was thinking about her all day, every day,” he said.

“I missed her. And I was always thinking about her, I was like I want Ella to be in my world,” he continued, confirming to the experts they were in a committed relationship.

But, are they still together now?

Thanks to plenty of paparazzi photos and some scandalous intel, we knew there was a major chance Ella and Mitch are not together now in April.

“I’m single and just gonna focus on me and start that healing process. I have absolutely no regrets, I loved the whole experience, I’ve got friends for life,” Ella confirmed on Today Extra the morning after the finale. 

Ella and Mitch still together
Despite their messy Final Vows, Ella and Mitch showed up to the Reunion together. (Credit: Nine Network)

Thanks to plenty of paparazzi photos and some scandalous intel, we knew there was a major chance Ella and Mitch are not together now.

In photos obtained earlier this year, Mitch was seen hanging out with Tamara Djordjevic and Ella was seen hanging out with Brent Vitiello. Mitch was again seen hanging out near Tamara’s work recently, in new images shared by The Wash.

Ella and Brent are in a tight-knit group of friends from the show, so they’ve waved off the rumours that they are also dating. 

Brent told The Wash that he’s just mates with Ella, but when asked about Mitch and Tamara he responded: “why not? Good luck to them I guess.” Intriguing.

At the time of the Reunion, Mitch was adamant he’d been uninterested in Tamara when she made a move. However, things seem to have changed in the months since.

“There’s a lot that has been said and done whether its been aired or not aired, it hasn’t come out yet,” Ella told our sister site Now To Love before the final episodes aired, when she was unable to clarify the news to fans. 

“She was texting him, they do call each other, it’s a ‘he said, she said’ situation. But I mean, I’ve been sent a lot of photos, screenshots and conversations so it’s really hard to deny what’s going on.”

ella and mitch
Ella and Mitch shared a sweet selfie as they went to their first dinner party. (Credit: Instagram)

Now that the final episode has aired, she can speak more freely about what went down. Chatting to Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa the morning after the finale, Ella said she was still recovering from the shock split and what’s been going on with Mitch and Tamara.

“I haven’t seen Mitchell since the reunion,” she told the radio hosts, adding that it wasn’t “straightaway.”

“He definitely started to drop off though and fizzle out. And it was probably about two months ago,” she said. “Articles hit the media and then he sort of just cut me off.”

“I’m still just healing and getting over stuff with Mitchell and Tamara and just all the crap that’s been going on in the past few months, it still gets to me,” she added.

In her interview with Today Extra, Ella added that Mitch had cut her off when the rumours first began to grow that he was with Tamara. 

“I don’t have anything against the guy, he could’ve treated me a lot better in terms of what’s happened post-show,” Ella said of Mitch.

“He sort of cut me off when articles started to surface so I’m sort of just putting two and two together.”

“I think there was truth behind the intent, the text messages [Tamara sent]… I can’t defend him or her in this situation.” 

“To be honest, I actually don’t know what’s going on with Mitch and Tamara, I don’t know if they are together or not.”

Ella and Mitch still together
Mitch is looking at moving to Melbourne with Ella. (Credit: Nine Network)

Married At First Sight Australia airs Monday, 7:30pm, on Nine Network and 9Now.

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