Selin and Anthony are “so done” with Married At First Sight

The pair were certainly smitten in the premiere... but things quickly went downhill.
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Selin Mengu and Anthony Cincotta tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony during the Married At First Sight Australia premiere. But in the episodes since, there’s been major trouble in paradise for these two.

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Selin and Anthony were one of just two couples to wed in the first episode of MAFS, with their smitten nuptials standing in stark contrast to that of their co-stars Tamara and Brent

The 32-year-old single mother and 38-year-old single father hit it off from the very first moment they met.

“I must have died and gone to heaven,” Anthony said upon seeing his bride walking down the aisle. “I can’t take my eyes off her.”

“Seeing his kind eyes means everything, immediately I feel that spark,” Selin said.

selin and anthony
Selin and Anthony were clearly smitten. (Credit: Nine Network)

But things took a turn shortly after the wedding.

There was an incident during the honeymoon where Anthony claimed Selin had called him a “princess.” He left their honeymoon early and she told everyone at the Dinner Party her own version of what went down, while he chose not to publicly discuss their issues.

“Going into the Dinner Party, I didn’t realise we’d be going in separate until that day. It was probably one of the loneliest experiences of my entire life, it wasn’t fun,” Anthony tells our sister site Now To Love. 

“Selin was having a good time, she was smiling away, I was anything but happy.”

The experts stepped in, with Mel Schilling telling Selin it “wasn’t funny” and was “demeaning” to her husband. They gave the couple tips to work through their issues, but Selin and Anthony were never really able to recover. 

While they skated through the second week without any major blow-ups, there wasn’t exactly a romance brewing. And at the third Dinner Party, they had a fight across the table while their co-stars watched on.

selin mafs
Selin and Anthony fought throughout their honeymoon, with the bride calling her groom a “princess.” (Credit: Nine Network)

They chose to leave the following night at the third Commitment Ceremony.

“I need that spark in my life, I need that flare, I need that excitement. I need to be able to connect with somebody and I’m just not feeling that,” Anthony told the experts of his decision to leave.

Selin, for her part, simply wrote “I’m done!” on her card to indicate she was ready to go.

While it was hard to watch these two go through so many tough struggles on our screens, the signs of a split were there from the beginning.

Selin and Anthony both followed their other cast mates on Instagram ahead of the show premiering, but until very recently they weren’t following each other.

It was a pretty major red flag that some of the couples who are struggling on our screens – like Tamara and Brent – weren’t following each other, while the happier couples – such as Olivia and Jackson – were. So Selin and Anthony are following each other on Instagram now but it’s all a bit suspicious. 

They were also tipped to exit the experiment in the third week of commitment ceremonies, with the SportsBet odds considered a “leak” of intel.

We said the signs were definitely pointing to a split for Selin and Anthony on Sunday. Considering it turned out to be true, we’re feeling pretty on-point about the rest of our predictions for the other Married At First Sight couples.

mafs selin anthony
Selin and Anthony are not following each other on social media, but that doesn’t have to mean it’s over! (Credit: Nine Network)

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