The crushing moment Selina confronts Cody on MAFS

"In that particular moment I was just very overwhelmed."
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On Married At First Sight Australia, Cody Bromley and Selina Chhaur tied the knot in a fairytale wedding ceremony last week. But it wasn’t all romance for the pair, with Cody declaring he didn’t find his wife “sexually attractive” in an awkward moment that left fans reeling and Selina crushed.

WATCH: Cody tells Selina he’s not attracted to her on MAFS

The pair got off to a somewhat awkward start during their wedding ceremony, with Selina seeming more excited about the match than her “chill” groom who wanted to dial things back a bit.

Does Cody realise he signed up to Married At First Sight? We considered launching an investigation, since he was visibly flustered by Selina asking very regular relationship questions given the circumstances. 

“That’s just me!” Selina tells WHO. “I would say the majority of hairdressers, we like to fill up the silence. I love connecting with people.

“And at the end of the day, we’re married and on a first date. If I was dating and going on a first date with someone [normal] I would never in a million years ask all of those questions, but yeah we just got married. Obviously I was extra excited because it was my wedding day.”

Things were a little awkward, but that was no reason to write them off just yet. Or so we thought until the honeymoon, when they got hit with the dreaded question box. 

The romantic setting did not help settle the nerves of our bride and groom. (Credit: Nine Network)

After their wedding night, Cody told the cameras that the vibes were “really good” between himself and his new bride.

“I guess the only concern would be the initial attraction was not quite as much as I would have liked,” he revealed. “I’m not sure what the issue is, but I’m not sure there’s that real spark. I was hoping it would come a bit easier, but it’s not.”

And while that concern could have remained a secret from his bride for a little while longer, the honeymoon question box got the conversation going for them. While Selina said she was absolutely attracted to Cody, he came clean about not feeling a “sexual attraction” to her.

“Okay… so… this is one I’m struggling a little bit with,” Cody said. “I do feel there’s something there to work on. Honestly, I do think you’re a gorgeous girl but I don’t know why I’m struggling a bit with the sexual attraction and I’m not sure what it is.

“It’s like my schlong isn’t coordinating with my head,” he super eloquently finished off his statement.

In an interview with WHO, Selina admits she felt overwhelmed and needed time to process the bizarre situation. 

selina cody
The honeymoon is off to a rough start. (Credit: Nine Network)

“It’s an honesty box and the question prior to that was about family and it was the first time I had spoken about it with Cody,” she reveals. “It’s a touchy subject and I always get a bit emotional, so I felt a bit embarrassed and was trying to pull myself together.

“And then that question came out and I wasn’t expecting it, so I was really shocked initially. Obviously hearing that from anyone is upsetting, but in that particular moment I think I was just very overwhelmed.

“Hearing that I was like… I’m not sure you’re serious? I was like did that just happen? I had to sleep on that one and then come back.”

As for whether or not she could recover from the blow, Selina tells us she was certain of her attraction to Cody and wanted to give their relationship a real shot.

“For me, it was such early days, we were still getting to know each other, and I know myself I don’t judge people based on their looks. I know I’ve got so much love to give and so much to bring to the table,” she says.

“So, I was quite confident if Cody gave me the chance and we had more time to spend together, then he would get to know me on the inside and fall in love with my personality. So I was feeling positive and hopeful.”

selina chhaur
Selina wanted to give Cody another shot. (Credit: Nine Network)

Of course, on Wednesday night viewers saw their relationship take yet another turn when Selina bravely asked Cody a question she had been worried about. 

“Is the lack of interest, attraction and affection due to my nationality and look?” Selina asked him.

“I think it did honestly have something [to do with it] initially, I’m not racist by any means but it’s not something I’m familiar with. Short answer is it probably did,” Cody said.

After trying to explain that he hasn’t “typically” dated someone of her race in the past, Cody attempted to clarify that he was definitely attracted to Selina. But his comments clearly had a devastating impact on his bride, who broke down in tears on our screens and left the apartment to spend some time by herself. 

“I feel horrible,’’ Cody told the cameras. “I feel like I f—-d up.’’

Cody told producers he felt “horrible” over his comments. (Credit: Nine Network)

In an exclusive interview with WHO, Selina reveals she was shocked by Cody’s answer.

“I asked him the question that was actually really hard and I guess I was a little naïve thinking that no it wouldn’t be that… and it was,” she says. “I asked for an honest man and he didn’t fail to disappoint on that front. He was definitely really honest.”

The MAFS contestant also says she hopes viewers realise how tough the experience was for her, regardless of what they think of the events that played out on screen.

“I hope people can see how hard it was for me to ask that question. It did take a lot so I’m very proud of myself,” she says.

“People of all ethnicities, we do have things that are said to us and we do brush it to one side. At least now it will build awareness for people to be a bit more consciously aware of how they say things.”

Read our full chat with Selina here.

While she was devastated in the moment, the reality TV star is no doubt feeling the support of the show’s fans tonight. Viewers rallied around Selina, sharing their thoughts across Instagram and Twitter.

Married At First Sight Australia airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine Network and 9Now.

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