MAFS viewers outraged as contestants “turn their backs” on Domenica

The nude photo scandal has rocked the experiment.
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Domenica Calarco became the subject of a scathing Dinner Party confrontation on Wednesday night’s episode of Married At First Sight Australia, when fellow contestants revealed they had seen a naked photo of her that was taken from her OnlyFans account. 

WATCH: Domenica in MAFS’ photo scandal

The image was allegedly circulated by a fellow contestant, without Domenica’s knowledge or consent – which many viewers have slammed.

Some have also questioned whether the sharing of her naked image counts as revenge porn, a criminal act in NSW, Australia. You can read more about that here. 

Ahead of the episode, viewers had some understanding of how the events would play out on-screen as producers asked some of the contestants if they had seen or heard of a photo.

“Oh, you mean Domenica’s OnlyFans thing?” Tamara Djordjevic said, while Jackson Lonie admitted to having seen it and Olivia Frazer said during cocktail hour: “if someone smashes a glass in your face, you Google them.”

“Oh f–k are people bringing that up? I’ve been sent it,” Samantha Moitzi told producers when asked.

“The photo was a particular bride on her tummy. It was a photo of a bride in her birthday suit, laying on the bed with her butt up,” Selina Chhaur added.

Domenica and her husband, Jack Millar, were shown to be unaware of the scandal brewing as they made way for the Dinner Party.

We also knew Cody Bromley, Selina’s husband, would be one of those contestants leading the charge at the Dinner Party as he asked Domenica: “Did Jack know you had an OnlyFans account?”

However, watching the “nude photo scandal” play out on screen was worse than fans could have imagined as the contestants “turned their backs” on Dom – to quote the experts.

Domenica found out the other contestants had been circulating a naked photo of her. (Credit: Nine Network)

With the Dinner Party appearing to move along smoothly, most of the contestants seemed like they didn’t want to bring it up. Except for Cody, who did as per the trailer. 

When he asked the question, which appeared to try and frame Domenica as not having been honest, Jack quickly responded to say that he knew about Domenica previously being on OnlyFans, didn’t care and they had discussed it early in the experiment.

As the contestants appeared to act as though that was “case closed,” Domenica and Jack looked appalled by the discussion and questioned who had shared the image and why. 

It was also revealed Ella Ding, Mitch Eynaud, and Al Perkins were the only ones who didn’t know about the photo – which makes a lot of sense considering they’re in a tight friendship group with Domenica and Jack, according to Ella.

“The hard part here is that a large portion of this table has been privy to this photo, and that’s not on,” Jack told the group.

Jackson responded to say that he didn’t think it was circulated, but moments earlier fans saw Olivia tell producers she “sent” the photo to people.

As the awkwardness at the table grew, Olivia said: “I’ll be honest, when we had our thing, my friends Googled you. They showed me that and I mentioned it to Selina.”

Earlier in the episode when speaking with Tamara, Olivia said “yes” when asked if she had Googled Domenica and said it was “easy to find” with “a Google search.” 

That is not adding up – and the experts Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla accused her of “lying.”

“This really smells like she’s got a vendetta tonight,” John Aiken said. “This is payback. She created all of this.”

Cody told Domenica they had seen the photo, asking if Jack knew about her OnlyFans. (Credit: Nine Network)

Tamara and Samantha, in their own words, said that they were not “making fun” of the photo but didn’t know how to bring it up. Tamara added it “wasn’t fair” that Jack and Domenica were taking it “negatively.”

“No judgement, 2021. It wasn’t malice,” Olivia said. “I don’t even have it, I deleted it straight away.”

“Olivia said it wasn’t malicious, I’m sure it was. You look like an idiot,” Ella said to the cameras about the exchange. 

Domenica told the others she had “no issue” with the contestants knowing, but “the issue here is I don’t know how that’s your business to spread that around. That’s gossip.”

In another interview with the producers, Olivia said she “happened upon the information” and “shared the information” adding “whoopsie daisies, but it’s public information. It’s public information, why am I getting yelled at for knowing about it.”

When Olivia mentioned “yelling” throughout the episode, there was no one yelling at her – viewers could see and hear the exchanges as they happened.

“So, the photo was shown but that’s not gossip or malice?” Domenica asked, with Olivia saying “no, it wasn’t.”

the experts nude photo scandal
The experts were fuming over the scandal. (Credit: Nine Network)

“I’m sorry but you put this out there. You put your photo there,” Tamara jumped in. “You’ve got to cop that. That’s how I feel about it. Of course people are going to talk about it.”

“If they are slut-shaming, I’ll wear it like a badge of honour. Because my body, my choice, bitch,” Domenica told producers. 

With the contestants not seeming to understand that the issue was with consent, rather than people “knowing,” Domenica left the room with Ella for a chat.

The conversation obviously wasn’t over, as Jack continued to dig at the “why” of the “nude photo scandal.”

Olivia told Jack it “wasn’t coming from a place of shame” and said it was “brought to me.” 

“It’s not a big deal. But like, she did it to herself,” Olivia said, at which point Domenica said she wanted to return to the group.

Walking back in, Domenica again laid out the events and said to Olivia: “I can’t accept that you sending that is not out of malice. Don’t go and tell another person… that’s how gossip happens.”

domenica and jack
Jack told the contestants he has known about the OnlyFans from the beginning. (Credit: Nine Network)

Olivia told her it wasn’t a big deal, but when Domenica asked if she would be happy were the situations reversed, Olivia didn’t reply and just smiled.

“You’re just going to smile? Why would you send this information out and not think that’s malice or gossip. You can sit there and say that’s not malice and gossip?” Domenica asked. When Olivia didn’t respond and simply continued smiling at her, she repeated herself and said “that was a question.”

“I’m just going to let you yell yourself out,” Olivia finally said. 

Domenica and Jack left the Dinner Party after that, with the bride saying she had “nothing else to say to these people.”

“Olivia’s MO is essentially to let the grenades go, Domenica gets worked up, and then in a condescending way Olivia dismisses her,” John said as they watched the exchange. 

Olivia admitted to being the first person to see the photo. (Credit: Nine Network)

“I’m putting myself in Domenica’s shoes, if that was me with 10 people on a table, with girls who said they wanted to have my back, I would look at all those girls and be like ‘f–k you all’,” Ella told the others once the couple had left. 

Olivia told the group Domenica couldn’t handle “being in the hot seat” and Brent responded to say “I don’t think that’s right. She’s sitting there copping punches from every angle.”

“She kind of deserves it though, she kind of deserves it,” Olivia responded, which audibly made the experts groan. “She won’t go for any of you, she’ll just jump on me.”

“Well, because it came from you,” Brent replied. 

Much like any MAFS scandal, viewers were quick to take sides across social media – with an overwhelming amount of support for Domenica and Jack.


“I simply don’t understand how a bunch of adult people can share a photo around to each other and think that is okay behaviour, and then defend themselves saying it was not malicious. It is wrong, it is inappropriate and just downright f—ing childish.”

Producers asked if Domenica was glad she had Jack by her side at the Dinner Party.

“Blow smoke up my ass, go for it. I love it,” Jack joked.

“I was on the couch and I could hear you standing up for me… for us… because we have come into this experiment and we have been a team from day dot, no matter what we’ve been through. We are bloody strong and none of these idiots are going to tear us down, I’ll tell you what.”

Married At First Sight Australia continues Sunday, 7pm, on Nine Network and 9Now.

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