Heidi Latcham takes a swipe at returning MAFS bride Elizabeth Sobinoff

The reaction to her MAFS 2020 debut has been mixed.
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Various Married At First Sight contestants were baffled when Elizabeth Sobinoff announced her return to the unconventional dating series.

WATCH: Mishel slams Lizzie in brutal rant 

And while some praised the retail assistant for bravely trying her hand at love again, Heidi Latcham remains convinced she’s not in it for the right reasons. 

Speaking to Josh Pihlak on her Sea FM breakfast show about all the drama that’s ensued on the wildest season yet, he praised Lizzie for putting herself out there after she was ripped to shreds by her ex-husband, Sam Ball. 

“Good on her for coming back and being able to do that,” he said to which Heidi quickly responded: “No, as if. You can’t do it again. If you’d gone through it [before], you’d be like, ‘Oh no.'” 

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Michael Gunner’s ex-wife isn’t the only reality star to wonder whether the bride’s intentions are pure. Although she’s been labelled this season’s “peacekeeper” and has tried to keep her nose out of the drama, Mishel Karen has openly admitted she’s not fond of the intruder

When asked who annoyed her the most while filming the experiment, Mishel said during our exclusive photoshoot that she couldn’t stand the sight of Lizzie, calling her “annoying” and “fake”. 


“Far out, it’s frustrating as f**ck when people weren’t real. Out of the originals, no one,” she said of who got on her nerves. “But out of the intruders, probably Lizzie. She annoyed me but I just kind of ignored her.” 

Mishel also suggested the retail assistant only returned to the show so she could be thrust into the spotlight once more, adamant her only desire is to gain more notoriety. 

“She’s fake,” she said, refusing to mince her words. “She was in it for fame. Like, no one would ever endure this twice. If you had sanity, would you go through the whole experiment as we went through again?” she asked her television husband, Steve Burley.

Steve’s face says it all… (Credit: WHO)

“She wants to be Insta famous, she wants an extra 150 not 150, 000 followers.” 

To the bride’s displeasure, Steve defended their co-star, admitting Lizzie hardly had a chance to find love in the first place. 

“Last year, she was only here for five minutes. We did the whole experiment so it can suck the life out of you. But she only id it for a short time and this time.” 

The Brisbane based school teacher wasn’t done bashing Lizzie, claiming the bride received the royal treatment while the rest of this year’s contestants suffered or hardly got a look in. 

“She didn’t do it like us. She did it in first-class while we did it in third class… No, the luggage area of the plane.” 

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