Married at First Sight: The pics that prove Jess is STILL with Dan

The controversial reality star steps out on the Gold Coast
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Former Married at First Sight star Jessika has set tongues wagging about a possible breakup with TV partner Dan – but these pics prove she’s still living in his home town, the Gold Coast.


Getting her hair done at a local salon, Jessika foiled attempts to prove she’s left town (see what she did there?) by popping outside during a colouring session.

This scene follows her notoriously tense interview on Talking Married, which was followed by her quoting Ariana Grande’s infamous breakup song, ‘Thank You, Next’.

The couple’s future was thrown into doubt when a woman named Hannah called up the Kyle and Jackie O show claiming that Dan had attempted to take her home and had kissed her while at a bar about two months ago.

(Credit: Diimex)

She also alleged that Jess had contacted her about the incident.

‘Hey babe, sorry to message you but I’m an absolute emotional wreck right now. Can you please tell me what happened with Dan? I’ve just been through so much I feel like maybe this will help me move on,’ began Jess’ alleged text to Hannah – read out on radio by Jackie O.

‘This isn’t the first cheating allegation I’ve suffered either. It’s just so heartbreaking I’ve moved my entire life here. He said he has never seen you in his life but my gut just doesn’t believe it.’

(Credit: Diimex)

But Jess said the allegations were ‘rubbish’ when she phoned in to Kylie and Jackie O. Is that what she’s doing in these pics? The time line certainly lines up!

‘I’ve put myself through the ringer on this TV show and I don’t want to be hearing these rubbish allegations,’ she told the hosts.

Insisting she is still in love and ‘working through a lot of things’, it seems that Jessika is staying put for the time being.

(Credit: Diimex)

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