Married At First Sight’s Jessika Power said Eden Dally asked her to be in a fake relationship for publicity

The truth behind Jessika's fling with Eden.
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Married at First Sight‘s Jessika Power has dropped a major bombshell about her former co-star Cyrell Paule and Love Island‘s Eden Dally.

Jessika is adamant that the MAFS bride is in a fake relationship and claimed that Eden once asked her to be with him for a publicity stunt.

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“He told me how much money and publicity we could get pretending we were together but I wasn’t interested because I was trying to make it work with Dan,” Jessika told New Idea.

“It must’ve hurt his ego when I shut him down because as soon as I said no he leaked text messages between us – and the real Eden came out.”

When Cyrell and Eden “suddenly” began dating shortly after, Jessika struggled to believe the pair were the real deal.

“One minute he’s bagging Cyrell out to everyone and then a week later he’s in love with her?” the Perth-based beauty said.

“I’ve also been told by their closest friends that it’s all rubbish and they’re just staying together to save face because they will look stupid if they break up now.”

Jessika previously branded any claims of her affair with Eden as “fabricated, untrue and highly defamatory.”

In February this year, a steamy text message exchange between Eden and Jessika was leaked, revealing that the two had hooked up while attending the St Kilda Festival in Melbourne together.

According to New Idea, Jess said that she initially denied hooking up with the Love Island star because she doesn’t like to kiss-and-tell.

“What decent man brags about women he’s been with? It’s disgusting that he would speak in such a derogatory manner about anyone,” the 26-year-old said.

“I could never date a boy like that but it seems Eden doesn’t care what his mother, sister or even girlfriend think.”

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Last month, Eden told Kyle and Jackie O that they didn’t “just kiss” and that there was “a lot more to it.”

Jessika believes Eden’s big obsession with their hook up only further proved that the 26-year-old’s relationship with Cyrell was not the real deal.

“It seems he can’t get over it, so I don’t blame Cyrell for feeling insecure,” the blonde said.

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Jess – who is now with MAFS contestant Nick Furphy – believes Eden and Cyrell are talking about her for publicity.

“I find it laughable that Eden and Cyrell have had many opportunities to talk about their love but instead they speak about me for the most part. It’s like they’re obsessed with me.”

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