MAFS Lizzie spills on explosive altercation with Hayley

"I'm not proud."
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As we wait with bated breath for the infamous Married At First Sight girls’ night to play out on our screens, Elizabeth Sobinoff is getting in early and letting everyone know she’s not the bad guy here. 

OMG!! Did you spot this terrible editing fail during last night’s episode? Watch the moment below

Discussing the horrific battle that went down during that frightful evening, the reality TV veteran says she’s deeply embarrassed by her actions and frustrated she lashed out at Hayley Vernon after her anger levels reached fever pitch. 

“I’m appalled at my behaviour,” the returning bride told TV Week

(Credit: Nine)

Admitting she saw red when she discovered the bodybuilder had cheated on her TV husband with Michael Goonan, Lizzie was extremely triggered given her past experience with Sam Ball.

“I’d formed a close bond with Stacey and had heard about the cheating,” Lizzie revealed.

“I was very protective of Stacey. Hayley was pummelling Stacey as a person. You could see Stacey was hurting. I’m there going, ‘Hang on – aren’t you the one who, while this woman was at home with her kids, decided to hook up with her partner?'”

“I am not proud of my actions. I was pushed to my limits.” 

After launching herself at Hayley in a brutal altercation where a glass was smashed, the 28-year-old was so enraged she fled and told MAFS showrunners she couldn’t be in the same room as this year’s most controversial bride. 

(Credit: Nine Network)

Interestingly, this year’s MAFS intruder, KC Osborne, says she sides with Hayley, admitting Stacey was equally as nasty behind the scenes and intentionally tormented her. 

After Stacey was forced to leave the experiment due to a series of toxic events which ultimately affected her mental health, she wasted no time slamming Lizzie and her TV husband Seb Guilhaus. 

In fact, she claimed the retail manager’s marriage with Seb is disingenuous, admitting she remains sceptical of their intentions. 

“I’d like to say that I’m optimistic, but I haven’t got any feels for them. I think it’s very misconstrued… It’s not kosher to me. I don’t vibe what’s going on there. Not to be a judgmental b***h, but I just think it’s a little bit put on,” the bodybuilder told the paparazzi during a night out in Sydney last month. 

As we know, Mishel Karen and Steve Burley haven’t held their tongues when discussing Lizzie’s return, calling her “fake” and obnoxious. 

(Credit: Nine)

“Far out, it’s frustrating as f**ck when people weren’t real. Out of the originals, no one,” she said when asked who got on her nerves the most during filming. “But out of the intruders, probably Lizzie. She annoyed me but I just kind of ignored her.” ​

Then, Mishel suggested the retail assistant only returned to the show so she could be thrust into the spotlight once more. 

“She’s fake,” she said, refusing to mince her words. “She was in it for fame. Like, no one would ever endure this twice. If you had sanity, would you go through the whole experiment as we went through again?” she asked Steve. “She wants to be Insta famous, she wants an extra 150 not 150, 000 followers.” 

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