Married At First Sight’s Jessika says wants to give Mick a second chance

After she breaks down crying.
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On Sunday night’s episode of Married At First Sight, Jess confirms to the camera that she’s staying in the experiment once again to get to know Dan – simply because they live in different states.

Before she heads into the commitment ceremony, Jess breaks down – particularly because her husband Mick (who she cheated on with Dan) reveals he has nothing left to give the blonde. 

“I just wanna stay here another week, so we can try and work things out,” she as tears form.

Despite Jess’ crocodile tears, Mick is completely unimpressed calls Jess out on her shifty ways. 

Cut to the commitment ceremony and Mick is still firm on his decision to leave, but Jess says wants to leave on good terms, before she breaks down in tears as she describes the last night’s dinner party – where she felt bullied by Cyrell.

jessika and mick mafs
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“It was the first time I felt happy in two weeks. But when we walked into it was like he hated me again,” she says. 

“My time is better spent with those guys, I’ve said the relationship is over and that I’m done…” says Mick. 

“Even if Mick says if he’s checked out and it just doesn’t sit well with me that he hates me.”

“Everyone is sick of the fakeness,” says Mick. 

Cyrell is BACK and she pipes up by stating that Jess admitted she wanted to have sex with Dan.

“I don’t recall saying that,” Jess says.

At this stage, no one but Martha gives Jess any sympathy – probably because they feel the tears are a distraction from her dishonesty throughout the season.

“There are lots of things said which are contradictory,” Jules says. 

“Why do I have to answer to this group. What do I owe any of you?” Jess replies. 

“Honesty and respect?” says Mike. 

“You can catalogue a trail of dishonesty with Jess,” he adds. 

Enough is enough and Mick chooses to leave, but Jess writes stay in order to rebuild her “friendship” with Mick, or ahem, continue her affair with Dan.

“WHYYYYYYY?” yells Mick.

“It doesn’t sit well with me when there’s hatred… Don’t you want some level of friendship? It’s so sad you think I’m fake…” says Jess. 

Eeek! Bring on tomorrow night.

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