Jessika Power has randomly weighed in on Cyrell Paule and Elizabeth Sobinoff’s bitter feud

They're taking sides!
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You know you’re in for a treat when Married At First Sight’s Jessika Power gets involved in a public scandal! Known for her controversial carryon, the reality TV star took things to new heights this morning when she took to Instagram to slam Cyrell Paule, taking Elizabeth Sobinoff’s side amidst their hugely public fight

Before we get into it, here’s a little recap: Essentially, a bitter fight over a $3000 nightclub appearance in Darwin spelled the end of their once strong relationship. Speaking on an Instagram live chat yesterday, Cyrell said herself and MAFS co-stars Elizabeth, Dan Webb and Billy Vincent had all booked a club appearance together in the NT capital, however, after Cyrell accepted a gig with a competing nightclub, the group booking was supposedly cancelled, which saw her pals lose their appearance fees.

Ignoring the fact her “friends” lost thousands of dollars on the sourced deal, Cyrell went in on Elizabeth revealing she couldn’t cope with her jealousy and “toxic” energy

WATCH: MAFS’ Cyrell unleashes on former bestie Elizabeth

Weighing in on the drama, Jess slammed Cyrell, claiming she “threw Lizzie under the bus” after she stayed loyal to Cyrell during the period in which she was faking her relationship with Love Island’s Eden Dally for publicity. 

“Lizzie stuck up for you and she tried to have your back when you did this whole publicity stunt with Eden. Lizzie was your friend and she didn’t want you to get hurt. She was looking out for you when you asked her to,” the controversial MAFS star said, addressing Cyrell.

“Eden did the same thing to me when I said you guys were fake you went and threw me under the bus. You two are so made for each other, a match made in hell. I feel really sorry for you, Lizzie and I’m sorry she had to have such a fake horrible friend in her life.”


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Fellow MAFS co-star Lauren Huntriss— who endured an ill-fated marriage to Matthew Bennett on the latest season of MAFS— also put her two cents in, taking a subtle swipe at Elizabeth for not celebrating her former best friends success— an issue Cyrell raised in her Instagram live video last night.  

“It’s sad to watch other women jealous of your success. Friends should be happy for your success not try and take it away from you,” she wrote in the comments section of Cyrell’s latest Instagram post. 

It appears Jules Robinson— who’s busy planning her wedding with her on-screen husband Cam Merchant— indirectly weighed in on the scandal, also writing a positive comment on Cyrell’s latest social media post. 

“This dress is everything! Looks so good!!! And Eden looks ok,” she wrote.

(Credit: Instagram)

Yesterday, Cyrell claimed Elizabeth was “jealous” of her victories. According to brunette, Elizabeth admitted that she was ‘broke’ and if Cyrell took a club appearance in Darwin it would clash with another club appearance she, Lizzie and Billy were set to make. In a private text message that Elizabeth sent to Cyrell, she even said she “desperately needs the money”. 

“She wasn’t happy with me getting all the club appearance gigs and that’s why the jealousy started. It’s just really pathetic and immature,” the fiery MAFS star claimed. 

In an attempt to refute Elizabeth’s claims, Cyrell alleged that Elizabeth set up pap shots of herself buying a pregnancy test for $1500. 

Cyrell captioned the photo: “N if you wanna talk bout publicity stunt…boo boo didn’t you get $1500 for this as I recall.” 

(Credit: Instagram)

Cyrell went on to call Elizabeth a “hypocrite” claiming the blonde bombshell had “lost her” when she “put money and club appearances over their friendship”. 

“She does tend to say she loves to empower other women but if you’re about empowering other women, why couldn’t you be happy for your friend’s success during that time rather than making your friend feel bad over a club appearance?” 

Things took a turn for the worse Elizabeth hit back on social media, randomly claiming Cyrell’s questionable relationship with Love Island star Eden Dally is one huge “publicity stunt”. 

Sitting on her bed, Elizabeth revealed in her own Instagram clip that “The first conversation I had with Eden was to make sure he was going to treat her [Cyrell] right. It was all a publicity stunt at first and I didn’t want him taking her completely for granted. I wanted him to be good by her if they were going to do this publicity thing.” 

As expected, Cyrell rejected her claims slamming Elizabeth for being a “fake” friend. And then, un the end of her explosive video, Eden— who Cyrell has been dating since March— put his two cents in. 

“Don’t ever go round calling me a publicity stunt, you’re the biggest fake artist here,” Cyrell said of her former friend. “One of the best things that has happened to me is getting rid of a b*tch like you.” 

“She didn’t like me, but I don’t like her either,” said Cyrell’s boyfriend Eden Daly at the end of the clip.  

So there you have it, folks, this fight is one huge mess.

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