Martha Kalifatidis’ new look: “I don’t care about being ‘pretty'”

"That’s an outdated priority for women."
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Martha Kalifatidis is a beauty queen in her own right, and she often uses her platform to debut her new looks. But now, the former Married At First Sight bride is hitting back at comments about her appearance as she reveals another transformation.

WATCH BELOW: Martha Kalifatidis debuts two bold new hairdos

She’s been rocking new hairdos every other day, and now Martha has just recently swapped out her long copper hair for a chin-cropped look.

The reality star-turned-influencer revealed her new transformation just a few days ago, but has since come out to say that she’s been flooded with “1000s” of comments from followers about the change – and not all were positive.

Taking to Instagram, Martha said: “Wow… who knew a haircut could cause so much commotion.

“My DMs are flooded with messages about my hair. Literally 1000s of you have felt compelled to write to me to tell me your thoughts. So many kind and funny messages and then some that are not so kind,” she continued.

martha mafs hair
“Keep your ‘pretty’ to yourself and I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.” (Credit: Instagram)

Martha went on to say that while she understands that having a platform can expose you to a larger audience of people, it can often be too much to bear.

Especially, as she details, when most people feel they have a right to comment on her appearance as it falls into the category of “well, you’re a public figure”.

It comes as she says that most of the responses to her new look have been along the lines of saying she was “so much prettier with long brunette hair”⁣, or that she looks “so much older”, and even some that ask “have you lost it?”.

“Let’s make this really clear… idgaf about being ‘pretty’. That’s an outdated priority for women. I strive to be strong, independent, intelligent and driven. Keep your ‘pretty’ to yourself and I’ll keep doing what I’m doing,” Martha said in response to those types of comments.

martha mafs hair
Martha used the post to encourage others to find the confidence to do as they please with their appearance. (Credit: Instagram)

Martha added that she “loves” her hair the way it is now, and that she also “loved it long and dark too”.

“I feel really good and I’m more confident than I’ve ever been rocking this new look.⁣ The truth is I never had the confidence to cut my hair or even wear it differently for a long time,” she said.

“I hope you all find the confidence to wear your hair, or make up or that dress you’ve always wanted to wear in any way you please. ⁣

“And don’t let anyone stop you from doing what YOU want,” she added.

martha mafs hair
“I feel really good and I’m more confident than I’ve ever been rocking this new look.⁣” (Credit: Instagram)

The 32-year-old, who has gone through a number of hair transformations since her long-brunette days on MAFS, first showed off her new style last week on her Instagram Story.

The first of her new dos was revealed at the 2019 ARIA Awards following the show, where Martha decided to debut her new bob cut.

Then sometime last year, the light brown look had its moment, followed by a dramatic blonde bob, and then long mermaid strawberry blonde locks.

And we’re sure Martha will continue to stun with more new looks to come.

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