Who is Atlantis? An investigation into the enchanting Masked Singer star

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They’ve got a cool outfit, killer voice and a weirdly long neck. Yes, we’re talking about the mystical Atlantis from The Masked Singer Australia.

After serving up two fabulous performances of Only Love and Pleasure & Pain, Atlantis has not only wowed the panelists, but Australian viewers as well. But the question remains: who are they?

WATCH: Atlantis performs Only Love on The Masked Singer

Of course, the best part of every season of The Masked Singer is when we the viewers try to guess which celebrity is beneath the mask.

And while we get it wrong on occasion, we’re never quite as bad at figuring it out as the judges. No, guys, shockingly it was not Elon Musk under the piñata costume but, in fact, rugby legend Lote Tuqiri.

When it comes to Atlantis, the clues paint a picture of someone with an impressive career in Hollywood – with plenty of heart and soul.

atlantis masked singer
Who’s beneath the mask? (Credit: 10)

One of the most popular guesses so far – based on voice alone – is singer, Macy Gray. Does she match the clues? Let’s investigate!

She certainly lines up to this one: “I heard the siren of Hollywood many times, but Washington only once. It was one of life’s happy accidents.”

Having enjoyed a decades long career, Macy has been a Hollywood fixture since the 1990s. She also famously made her acting debut alongside Denzel Washington on the film Training Day – a “happy accident” that occurred not because she wanted to be an actor, but because she wanted a photo with Denzel. 

One clue says “life is like that,” which could be a direct reference to Macy’s debut album On How Life Is. Plus, her song Queen of the Big Hurt could be linked to the many references to Atlantis being a Queen. Macy also signed to Atlantic Records in 1997.

A somewhat more personal clue said Atlantis had “a gnat on my mind my entire life.” This could refer to Macy’s history of drug abuse and her diagnosis of bipolar disorder, both of which she has spoken candidly about.

Another clue mentions Atlantis is “not to be confused” with Marilyn, and Macy did attend school with Marilyn Manson – though that’s not the strongest of leads. Meanwhile, a photo of Tom Hanks could be linked with his movie Big and her 2007 album of the same name.

macy gray masked singer
Is Macy Gray behind Atlantis? (Credit: Getty Images)

When you add them all together, we’d say the evidence points pretty firmly to Macy Gray. But if there’s one thing we’ve learnt about The Masked Singer, it’s to expect the unexpected.

Another popular fan-theory points to former Australian Idol judge and iconic pop diva, Marcia Hines. Though it’s gained some traction on Twitter, the cryptic clues don’t quite match up with the star just yet.

Ready to get your detective cap on? See all of the Atlantis clues below:

“I am the great Atlantis and I am the queen of all I see. I am a goddess of water, I am fluid taking many shapes and forms but I have been punished just for being who I am and I have been rewarded for the same reason. I am a creature of the sea, the ocean was my original home. The land holds mystery and disappointment for me.”

“I am Atlantis – deep, mysterious and powerful. Am I Chinese? It would be easy to have that belief. But I wasn’t there long. The west was where my ambition led me. Like the waves, my path has not been straight. But like water, nothing can hold me back for long.”

“Words have been my life but also my greatest danger. You don’t like what I have to say? Many others do. Don’t confuse me for a shop girl.  Or Marilyn either. Perhaps I am a do-gooder? I would be happy with that.”

“I am Atlantis – and no one can resist a force of nature.”

“I’ve had a gnat on my mind my entire life.”

“My world is colourful, but you wouldn’t know it. It’s not just black and white. Fashions come and go but words can last forever. Life is like that. I heard the siren of Hollywood many times, but Washington only once. It was one of life’s happy accidents. I am Atlantis and I shall be your queen.”

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