Can you guess who Lightning is on The Masked Singer?

This high-voltage performer has piqued our curiosity.
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The suspense on The Masked Singer is probably the best part of the show, creating space for it’s dedicated audience to take both wild and educated guess at just who might be under the parade of masks on the stage.

We’ve had a few fun reveals already, with Vinnie Jones being revealed as Volcano, Lote Tuqiri as Piñata and Mahalia Barnes under Pavlova, just to name a few.

However, Lightning is still lighting up our stage, and fans are desperate to know who is behind one of the show’s most iconic costumes to date.

Lightning is dressed in super-hero theme, wearing a blue bodysuit and cape with stars attached. She has a human-like mask, and her head-piece features a few bolts of lightning.

lightning masked singer
Who is Lightning? (Credit: Ten) (Credit: 10)

Here are some of the clues we’ve been given about Lightning so far:

  • She is flexible in what she does.
  • She ran a good race in Rio, but got tired of staying in her own lane.
  • Many millions have heard her speak, and she speaks for those who have no words.
  • She owes her career to a relationship with a mouse.

These clues have fans guessing that Alli Simpson, reality star and sister to Aussie singer, Cody Simpson, is behind the Lightning mask.

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Fans have connected Lightning’s mention of the water to Alli’s hometown, the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Her mention of ‘lightning only strikes in one direction’ has been linked to the fact that she once interviewed the band One Direction.

And the Mouse? Alli had a radio show on Radio Disney, which could explain why and how her voice has been heard by millions, and also how she owes her career to a relationship with a mouse – it’s Mickey!

Alli Simpson is a strong contender. (Credit: Instagram) (Credit: Instagram)

So far, Lightning has sung Brave by Sarah Bareilles, which landed her in the bottom three during week two.

However, she was safe in week four with her performance of Rihanna’s Diamond.

Lightning has been guessed to be both Bindi Irwin and Em Rusciano, however, audiences are pretty confident that Em Rusciano is under another mask this season.

Is it Bindi Irwin? (Credit: Instagram) (Credit: Instagram)

Bindi also grew up in Queensland, and her affinity for animals could also see her owing her career to a mouse, we suppose.

Many millions have heard Bindi speak given her international status as a wildlife warrior, and it could also be argued she speaks for those who have no words – the animal kingdom.

Bindi also had quite a singing career as a child, when she starred on Bindi the Jungle Girl, and released albums as part of the brand.

Who do you think is beneath the Lightning mask?

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