Who will be crowned winner of MasterChef Australia 2022? There’s one major clue

Spoiler alert, of course.
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With a series of delectable dishes and hilarious characters in tow, MasterChef Australia returned to our screens this month – much to our delight. Wholesome reality TV? Yes please!

WATCH: MasterChef 2022 | Official Trailer

With 12 newcomers and 12 returning icons, this season of MasterChef has a Foodies & Favourites theme. 

“This season is absolutely amazing,” judge Melissa Leong tells WHO of the new cast.

“Throwing together 12 contestants that have been here before, and have gone out into the world and achieved their own sense of self within the world of food – then throw in 12 superfans who have grown up watching the show and are really very sophisticated in what they can achieve. That’s an interesting dynamic.

“You see a lot of incredible food, you see a lot of personal, individual styles being struck very early, and that’s something that doesn’t happen for a long time with people who are trying to find their identity in the kitchen. It’s really a testament to the quality of [the contestants].”

This season features fans and favourites competing together. (Credit: 10)

While every single contestant has already proven themselves to be a whiz in the kitchen just by making it to the Top 24, there can still only be one true winner. Who will it be this year?

If you love a spoiler, the good news is that there are already a few hints and clues about who could take out the title. So stop reading now if that’s not your vibe.

In the words of a wise singing teapot, it’s a tale as old as time. A clue as old as reality television.

Each season of each reality TV show here in Australia, betting agencies like SportsBet and TAB will run odds for the winner, runner-up and so on. While other contestants shuffle about, the predicted winner tends to remain constant and be the one who takes out the top spot. 

This is often considered a sign of “leaked intel” from someone in the know, since it usually ends up being true. It’s been true for Australian Survivor, The Bachelor Australia, The Masked Singer Australia, The Voice Australia and so on and so forth. 

In the lead right now on SportsBet to win MasterChef Australia 2022? Billie McKay.

Billie McKay is tipped to win, a sign of leaked intel from someone close to production. (Credit: 10)

The odds have been laid out in complex fashion, with the first being that a former winner is tipped to win over a fan with odds of 1.30 compared to 3.40.

The last remaining fan is tipped to be Harry Tomlinson, while Billie is tipped to be the final favourite. She is also predicted to be the highest placed former winner ahead of 2018 winner Sashi Cheliah and 2009 winner Julie Goodwin.

Put simply, it’s all pointing to Billie to take out her second winner’s prize in the MasterChef Kitchen, after her turn on the hit show in Season 7. 

After winning her season against fierce competitors like Georgia Barnes and Jessica Arnott, Billie accepted an offer to work in Heston Blumenthal’s famed three-Michelin star restaurant, The Fat Duck, in London.

When she returned home, Billie continued the family business as a cheese maker on her family dairy farm, alongside her mum Alison. She also become a first-time-parent with her husband, Haydn, to her daughter Ada.

Julie, Sashi and Billie are all former winners, returning to the kitchen this season. (Credit: 10)

After the latest season of MasterChef, Billie says she’s hoping to continue expanding her passion of creating unique and exquisite cheeses on her family farm. And we’re sure being crowned winner of the series for a second time will help her achieve that goal!

But, fans won’t know for sure if the “leaked” intel is true or not. And in the meantime they can enjoy some truly spectacular cooking on the feel-good show.

MasterChef Australia airs Sunday to Thursday, 7:30pm on 10.

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