Love James Bond? Then get set for ‘McMafia’

The British crime drama starring James Norton comes to SBS this week
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Already available on Amazon Prime, stylish gangster series McMafia centres on investment fund manager Alex Godman (James Norton), who makes every effort to keep his business clean. Watch the trailer below.

Staying on the right side of the law is important to him since his family’s wealth is derived from less honourable sources – his father and uncle were involved with the Mafia in post-Soviet Russia. Although they both now live in the UK, which is where Alex was brought up and educated, those connections to the past have never really gone away.

When his family members are targeted, Alex has a choice to make: stay removed or enter the fray to protect his loved ones. With a touch of James Bond to it – Norton looks dashing in a range of secret agent-level suits – this big-budget production can drag its feet at times, but those patient enough will enjoy Alex’s descent into the dark side of international finance. (Starts Wed., Feb. 13 at 8.30pm; SBS) 3.5 stars

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