Megan Marx goes into EXTREME detail about her cosmetic work

These before-and-after photos have to be seen to be believed.
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If there’s one thing we love about Bachie alumni Megan Marx (aside from the enviable abs and constant wardrobe inspo) it’s her tendency to keep it real for her fans – no matter what the topic.

Case in point: this week she was asked what cosmetic enhancements she’d had in a Q&A on Instagram Stories – and she didn’t hesitate to dish on all the details.

WATCH: Megan Marx flaunts new face…

“I recently got some filler in my jawline, just to give it a [defined] look,” the 31-year-told the camera.

“I also get some in my lips and want them to look more defined too, rather than full.”

Megan (pictured) candidly talks about all aspects of her transformation. (Credit: Instagram)

Megan – who recently announced she had split with her on-again-off-again Bachelor in Paradise boyfriend Jake Ellis – also laughed off claims that she’d received “cheek implants.”

She did, however, speak about her penchant for Botox and admitted to having a rhinoplasty, lip lift and breast augmentation. (The former were recent additions, while she went under the knife at the tender age of 18 for the breast augmentation.)

“I like to eat healthy and work out, but no matter how much of that you do, your nose doesn’t get any smaller,” she continued.

“I don’t regret anything I’ve done. There was a period of time where I looked a bit weird and was a bit swollen, and had too much filler, but I try not to do that now.”

Megan (pictured) admits she had “too much filler” in the past. (Credit: Instagram)

The reality TV star also shared that she sees Dr Hatem in Brisbane to get her work done as “he knows the look” that she’s going for.

“I don’t want to look overdone, and he’s like, ‘less is more, natural beauty’ kind of thing,” she added.

Last year, Megan admitted that she had spent more than $47,000 on cosmetic procedures, although she urged her followers to do their research before they followed suit.

“A while back I had the unfortunate experience of being ‘overfilled.’ I was short on time after a busy few months and went to just any clinic,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I came out looking like Catwoman, ha! It scared me off doing anything for a while until I knew I could go to someone I trusted.”

Since she first graced our screens looking for love with rope technician Richie Strahan, the blonde beauty’s face and lips are significantly plumper.

Just check out these before-and-after shots…

Megan (pictured) on the set of season 4 of The Bachelor. (Credit: Channel 10 )
The 2020 version of Megan (pictured) looks very different. (Credit: Instagram)

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