Meet My Kitchen Rules season 10’s Lyn and Sal

Hairdresser Sal and his client Lyn are hoping to do South Australia’s Port Pirie proud.

There’s nothing quite like the bond shared between a hairdresser and their client – just ask Lyn and Sal! These two friends from Adelaide’s Port Pirie – a place, appropriately nicknamed ‘The City of Friendship’ – first met when Lyn “lobbed into his salon” eight years ago.

They’ve been friends ever since.

“It was friends at first sight!” says single father-of-three Sal, 52, who grew up in the fishing town and owns a hair salon.

He’s such a part of the community, in fact, that Lyn says he’s like “the unofficial Mayor of Port Pirie.”

“The local seafood shop has been in our family for four generations,” Sal explains. “I know just about everyone here. I want to make them all proud and put Port Pirie on the map.”

Sal and Lyn decided to enter MKR as a duo, thanks in part to their shared love of cooking and Italian food.

“We both have a great passion for cooking and entertaining,” says Lyn, 60, a secondary school teacher and married mum of four. “Having people into your home and offering them a meal is what brings community together.”

Sal, who describes himself as “bubbly, affectionate, gullible” admits he wears his heart on his sleeve – much like teammate, Lyn.

Both have larger-than-life personalities.

“I am described by others as loud, vivacious, and energetic!” says Lyn, enthusiastically. “I like to be positive and try and see the other side of a situation.

“I can be stubborn or strong minded at times, and a  little ‘OCD’ – I like things to match.”

The vivacious pair say they’re looking forward to having some fun with the other contestants – while trying to play nice.

“As a team, we will bring a sense of fun and energy,” says Lyn. “We will show respect to other competitors and be fair in our judgements of their cooking.

“Hopefully we will bring them some dishes that they enjoy greatly.”

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